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Freefall by Jana Williams

by Enakshi J

Author: Jana Williams
Publisher: Jana Williams
Rating: 4/5

About the Author:

Jana Williams is a believer. She believes in the power of stories. Her childhood was spent in stargazing from the backseat of her father’s car. She paved her way through the difficult phase of life and stands tall and proud where she is at the moment. A mother, a philanthropist and a write, Jana Williams’ story inspires us. She is an advocate of literacy as she believes that education is the stepping stone to success. Rather than reading books only for the sake of language, Jana imbibed the good qualities of the fictional characters, especially women, who strived to eke out a living in the world. She hopes and prays that all the girls and women become capable of deciding for themselves and take a stand for their dreams and aspirations.

About the Book:

The deep-space transport ship, the Vera Rubin, is light years from Earth when botanist Elle Silver begins to question the use of their space-travel drug, HCH. Elle notices a growing number of her friends and fellow colonists awaken from their 90-day sleep cycles exhibiting a variety of negative side-effects and she begins to believe the drug is the culprit. Some of the effects are minor, dry eyes and lack of appetite. Other symptoms are a bigger concern on a tiny ship packed with colonists. With each sleep cycle completed, more and more colonists awaken both confused and barely concealing a simmering rage - rage that could be a catastrophe on a ship as crowded as the Vera Rubin. Elle needs proof, but she also needs a plan. If the drug that allows them to travel deep-space is at fault, what then? Elle and her friends Ashok, Achebe and Jin-Hai are pressed to their limits to find a solution to their problem before the ship erupts into chaos... with light years left to travel.


"We are an impossibility in an impossible universe."

I believe in the words of Rachel Carson who says that the more clearly we focus on the absoluteness and wonders of the universe, the less taste we will develop for destruction. There is no doubt in the fact that books are like stars-the ones that can lighten the darkness and lead us to an ever-expanding universe. So is the belief of the author- Jana Williams. She believes in stories, for she knows that imagination, unlike logic, will take us everywhere. Her new book ‘Freefall’ explores the predicament in a small deep-space ship that is light years away from Earth.

Freefall is a thrill-packed avant-garde that promises to elicit heightened feelings of surprise, anticipation, anxiety and suspense. Revolving around Elle, who travels light years ahead into deep space along with several other crew members to colonize another planet, this story elaborates on the troubles and restrictions in space research. The main conflict of the story is the drug that is a potential sleep inducer. But it has side-effects and no one is sure about it. The quest to unravel the aberration in the medication that has given some instances of furore, rage and anxiety forms the major part of the plot.

‘Freefall’ is not plain but subtle. It throws light on Elle Silver, a botanist, who is resolute and audacious. Her wit and presence of mind urge the reader to associate with her. She is uncompromising and exemplifies the idea of being feminine. Amidst a strongly-knit plot, Elle proves that women are not powerless. In fact, if they decide to take the reins of the world in their hands, they can be dynamic and all-powerful.

The story might be concocted but somewhere deep within our hearts and minds, if we brood, we can relate with Elle. This is the power of Fiction. It helps us expand our possibilities.

I would recommend this book because the author’s genuine writing is something that can be looked forward to. It is simple yet meaningful. It has the ability to transport the readers to a world with bountiful opportunities to cherry pick from and help the readers imagine a life as seen from the rose-tinted glasses!

Best Wishes to the author!

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