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10 Tips for Freelance Home Writers

How do freelance home writers find jobs? It is a big question for many new writers who wish to start a freelance writing career which they can start from their home, so that they can manage their home as well as their career. 

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1. Blog/WebsiteThe best way to attract new clients is to have a professional looking website. It is difficult for many of the new writers who are at the starting point. If you are new to this type of  writing world, you can start with a free blog with, or or    where you can write your profile as to who you are, qualification, experience etc. to project your credibility, so that new clients can contact you through your contact number or email. Once you are on your way of making money you can go for a professional looking website. 

2. Job Boards - Check out the various job boards on the internet and you can find several job offers there which can be done from home within a stipulated time. Before applying for such jobs you should open an account (which is usually free) with that company and create your own profile. When you see a suitable job, you can bid the job. The advertiser would check your profie to know your credibility for that particular job before selecting you. Some of the popular sites are -,, etc. 

3. Twitter - Following the relevant twitter handles, you can find new jobs.  If you search the internet you can find several twitter handles who offer jobs and follow them regularly. Before following them, you must have an account with twitter.  

4. Facebook-  There are several writing groups in Facebook and you may find some of them interesting to you. Take some time to understand them before joining such groups. You may also indicate your interest in taking up freelance writing jobs on your Facebook page. 

5. Linkedin - If you are an active and regular in linkedin you can find various job offers that suit you. 

More Tips for Freelance Home Writers

6. Newspapers-  Read some of the popular newspapers and see whether you can write such type of articles for them. If you feel that you have the necessary skills, don't hesitate to  write to the relevant editor  with one or two samples of your work. Some of them may reply to you.  If it is clicked once you may be able to be included in their list of freelance home writers and most of your work may get accepted. 

7. Magazines - You may be a subscriber to some of the popular magazines, or at least read them regularly. Some of the known magazines in India are Womansera, Femina, Vogue, Outlook etc. Check out their articles attentively and see whether you have the required skills and expertise to attract their attention. If you think you have the ability write to them with one or two samples of your work. 

8. Writing websites - Check out various writing websites who would need fresh contents regularly, and check out their terms and conditions. If it satisfies you, write to them expressing your willingness to offer regular fresh and unique contents to them.  If they find you suitable to their work you may be included in their list of freelance home writers.

9. Advertise - There are several free and paid websites online to help the advertisers and you can also advertise your business there, to attract new clients. There will be many readers for these websites who are looking for people who offer freelance services.  A properly worded advertisement may attract many and you may get new orders from some of them. 

10. Friends - If you are a beginner let your friends know that you are into freelance writing jobs and request them to refer you to some of their known clients. 

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