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by Vasantha Valli

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Years passed. It is 2022. Veda and Laya became more stronger than ever. They resembled their mothers. Veda is exactly a photocopy of Archana while Laya is a photocopy of Gauri. They shared their deepest and darkest secrets too. Their friendship resembled their mothers friendship in their childhood and years passed. Charan and Laya are a couple still. Laya became a lecturer in a degree college which is government while Veda became a software professional. They went to the malls, cinemas and everywhere together. Veda started liking a guy named Gautham. He’s her colleague. They decided to get married. Veda did M.Tech while Laya did M.A in English. Charan and Gautham are friends too. They’re friends from college.

That day its Laya and Veda’s wedding day. Veda is getting married to Gautham and Laya to Charan. “Ready girls?” Archana and Ananya came to take the girls to the mandap. “Yes attha and pinni.” Veda smiled nervously. “I know. I was like this at my wedding day.” Archana smiled.

Veda got ready in a off-white saree with intricate gold embroidery and gold blouse. Laya got ready in a white saree with a red border and red blouse.

“Veda, this is it. This is what we wanted from our childhood.” Laya said, squeezing Veda’s hand. “Yes Laya. Gautham is a man of my dreams and Charan is an amazing guy. He’s indeed my best friend.” Veda said. “I’m so happy that we are going to stay like neighbours after marriage.” Laya said. “I know! We can be like before.” Veda squealed. “Girls come on. They’re calling you.” Ananya said. They both got seated in they respective baskets.

The south Indian ritual is the bride should be seated in a basket and the uncles of the bride lift the basket up and take the bride to the mandap. Agastya and Shiva are in the mandap, so other relatives who are uncles of the brides came to lift the basket up. They went to the mandap and got married to the man of their dreams.

After two years, Veda gave birth to a girl and Laya to a boy. Everyone are happy and they lived their life happily ever after with their family and more to come.
to come.


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