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From The Diary of a Mother

by Dr.Sangeeta Sharma

The present age has transited from being the industrial age to the age of information. We really take pride in achievements of present day man. But this socio cultural metamorphosis is taking place at the uncontrollable speed. With the advent of modern gadgets every day the life is pacing up and so are the socio–familial values.

I was amazed one day when one evening, having returned from college, I was thinking of what to cook for supper and in the mean time, Advait,my six years old son came running to me and said “Mamma! Why don’t you come and play with me. I got a little confused as I was in Hamlet’ dilemma “to be or not to be that is the question’’ i.e to play with him or not to play with him. Overcoming my anger which arose from tiredness of my being outside the house since morning, motherly patience in me tried to convince him that he could play outside with other little fellows. May be being the only child, he could not learn or I could not teach him the art of being in peaceful playfulness with others of his age. He said “I want a Bhai’’.

I tried to console him by saying that he has Aarav (my brother in law’s son ) as his brother. He shouted and retorted back “NO!.Aarav is not my brother. He is my cousin. I want a Bhai of my own and that too from your womb.’’

Hell is down! I was taken aback by the answer of my five years old son and more amazed that who told him about ‘cousin’ and ‘womb’. Laying aside my surprises, I tried to convince him by telling about anxiety involved with bringing up a baby in a metropolitan city that too without the support of a near and dear one. Trying not to show the present times price tag sort of attitude, I didn’t tell him that we wanted to send him for best of education abroad and with our middle class limitations we could not afford it for two kids. Progressive mother’ attitude in me stopped me to explain that we were a little apprehensive that in case if we have a girl child, we will have to be a little concerned about its care and security..Advait insisted again and again as if he had made up his mind to convince me today. The scholarly books on the art of parenting that I had studied bewared me not to make a false promise to my son.

Finding that he would not be able to make me say yes in the matter, he with his large black eyes shining out of red colored spectacles said: "It’s alright..If I can’t have a bhai then let me have a small and a cute puppy." My God! STRANGE ARE THE WAYS OF THE HEART OF A CHILD and so are of a woman. A short and a curt reply from a my little one brought to my mind my childhood memories that how we siblings used to fight over a trifle affair like who will sleep close to mother or who would go to nanny ‘place with mother.

But in this so called Age of Information, a little one is happy to supplement Bhai with a puppy. What better do we hope to receive as a gift from the so called Age of information?

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May 08, 2012
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

You may be amazed at your child's choice of companion. But its a fact that puppies and dogs are man's greatest and most loyal friends. Keeping a pet is said to have a very positve effect on children. They are mute creatures who teach a lot like value of friendship, discipline, loyalty and sense of responsibility. Please get him one. He must be feeling lonely or missing out on someone on whom he can dote, with whom he can play, whom he can pamper and spoil or just order around like adults do to him. When you'll witness the growing relationship of love and bonding between them, I am sure you'll enjoy and realize that you did not after all take a wrong decision by getting him a pet.

Welcome to iww


May 09, 2012
Your article
by: Sneha

Welcome to IWW, Dr. Sharma. Well, I believe your son is exhibiting profound maturity by asking for a pet. I believe all of us were at some point in the age that he is in and crave for the company of someone else. Your son; like I did say, understands that it's not so easy after all to get a brother...I've known people treat animals like their own family members...So, I guess, we have a little animal lover in your son. Kudos to him for that. I feel its better than mindlessly playing video games or demanding something extravagant!

May 10, 2012
by: vimala ramu

A beautiful blog with the mother-child bond of love explicit throughout.

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