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by Gayathri Devi Dutt
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Ma, Ma, let me out please, cried a fragile voice. I paused and started looking around to recognise the voice source. The voice emerged again and again, gradually picking up sound, into the pattern of sound waves, creating ripples. Ripples in air!! The ripple size was unmeasurable but extended far enough to reach the creator, overseas? "Ma , Ma pleaseā€, a splendid Rhetoric!

I had to respond, but what will be my answer?? Can I deny the request? At what cost.? Even I had been looking forward to this event, this day. The designated day indeed!". Wait a bit my dear I am waiting for the channel to announce". I secretly wished this would quieten the dear soul.

A loud and angry sound erupted, like a volcano! What announcement, who has to announce Why are you waiting for an announcement? There was only one demand;
I want to get out from here. Please let me out. I want to see the outside world.! I am suffocated staying inside for so long.! If you do not let me out, danger is imminent. I am warning you !

These words were Echoing....
Oh! My God. She was scared. She began trembling. Clenching her fist on her hips and then moving on to the waist, she started walking forward. It was a forty ft long corridor with many people walking up and down in uniform as well as in civilian clothes. Are they deaf? No one acknowledged the loud sound.?? The sound waves and the ripples created past through them.

Where was she heading to? Unaware, started walking back and forth.. Turned back, widening her ears and the voice had become faint. She released her fist,; clap, clap, clap, clapped three times not in joy of any achievement! She was confused. The clapping submerged the faint voice. Did that help her?? No certainly not.

She wanted to hear the voice again and again, but it was quiet!!!. My God what does it mean? Sleeping perhaps, good. Let the slumber rock and be rocking. Let Peace prevail on the soul! . No, No. No, I can't let the soul sleep, It is dangerous. What did the voice utter" imminent danger"? How do I awaken from that deep slumber? If I do not, what is the consequence? If l do, what shock I may get? She was desperate.

She started clapping hard again. Not once several times each clap increasing the sound output. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap,.................... Clap, clap, clap thud a loud bang she stopped. This banging was not to submerge the sound but to call the person in front of her and also to test the degree of sound sleep the little soul was anchoring..

Before the person could respond, the faint sound grew stronger and stronger. It was not mere sound but accompanied by movement too!

Ma, Ma, the time granted has lapsed, you are not listening to me. The last five minutes I accord you, and if you decide not to let me out, I will gate-crash into this world of yours. Right, be watching. Count down now. Are you listening? Are you listening? The movement gave confidence yet tears rolled on her cheeks.

She mustered courage and wanted to dispel the truth! What is the truth and how would she explain? She started weaving the Chakravyuha of Corona. My dear I am in this Chakravyuha, it is legendary. Listen, carefully, for you should know
the tracks to trespass when you are out. It started from wuhan, and has waded through all places on this Earth. The route is not a marked one, but with its Magical Power it can enter and exit any place? It can cause damage, yet rustle through. It is unbiased can peck anyone.

I got entangled, while I crossed his path and got stranded @ the crossroad.! Thus I got infected. I assure you I have not and will not transfer it to you. I know for sure you are safe. Your majestic commanding voice and the movement is an indication of sound health. Yes nothing can harm you.!!!

If I am victimised by Corona, like lord Krishna was carried through the seas by Vasudev, some ship will sail you to your Creator and you shall be safe forever. Locally, the ambulance will lead you to your grandparents, who will be your Co-parents and you are safe there. You shall be in your family territory either way.

Do you think I will vanish?? No way. I will come back after quarantine ends, ! shall not succumb, I am a daredevil. I want to spend my life with you. How can I betray you??

The person at the table approached and intervened her eloquent talk to her dear darling. Madam , the reports have come. Would you like to have a look?" Yes of course, I have been waiting for this report for two days. My throat swab was taken three days ago, right?

You assured that testing and diagnosis will be very fast having due consideration to my condition and the health of my little soul. How long can I wait?

I have been like this for the last thirty seven weeks. Your records say that. Am I correct? If I continue for another day what will happen? Whatever may be the report I have no qualms. No, the points made in the report are important for all of us and relevant too.

What relevance ? It is for you and the doctor to decide whether I need to be quarantined or not. She nodded her head in affirmation.

The pain became severe, she could not utter a single syllable, her voice failed her, she collapsed on the sofa, meant for the visitors, A stretcher was dragged near her, all those in the hall helped put her on to the stretcher as fast as possible. They entered the Elevator and dashed to the labour ward, Doctors rushed in sanitising their hands putting on their gloves, She whispered, fluid is leaking, movement is there but sound is not there!

She looked at the clock, fifteen minutes had crossed. Well the doctor does pull the infant or not my baby will certainly gate-crash. Lo, there came the little soul with a pleasant crying sound. Alas! All those in the hall were stunned but quickly held the foetus and wrapped in a cloth. What a blessing, my baby is! please do not separate me from my poignant dear soul..

Hi I let you out. See the world though it is dark and dusky, You open your eyes and look at the world my dear, have a good look. The withheld responses overflowed spontaneously.

She succeeded in bringing the baby outside even though she was infected,!!! she was taken into the Isolation ward???????????????????The talk she had with her foetus, rebounded, echoing in a musical soothing note, she got immersed!!!.


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