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Gems of Nature

by Bhumika Tewari
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Green the color of nature’s birth.
Life revolved around these hues.
O’ lover, come out here and smell the dewy grass!
Remember the times we lay under the vast sky?
In the midst of summer days,
Our names were carved in the clouds.
Unbroken and unheard, we were whole.
Sweet escape to the beautiful world!

A beautifully sculptured art
A visual treat, a divine gift,
Nature, nature, mother nature,
Sing a song of your pretty creations.

Oh mankind, the Almighty made it,
She wept and whispered"Why are you hurting ",
The Same hands that nurture you,
Yes, they nurture they heal, the flora, the fauna,
They are gems, they are pearls,
They accord me colours.
Taking them along with roots,
Building a world of you?
How cruel, how nasty!
To rip them off, to kill them.

Greedy thoughts and brutal acts,
How long will this savagery exist,
The truth is a pity. You did graves for yourself,
In my lap, they too have a place.

Nature never breaks your heart,
Unless you breaks it,
Nature has music within,
Lend your ears blend in it's rhythm,
Let the greenery flourish,
Let the birds tweet,
Let the creatures live,
And let your humanity grow.


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