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Generation Gap

by Poojary Sushmita Shiva
(Udupi,Karnataka, India)

We are the of kids of 1990's to 2000, the so called youths of now. We are living in the period of smart phones, leading a smart life. Everything is almost electronic. Life has become more competitive and computerized. From the study of history it can be understood that to what extent our generation is modified than the historical period.

What are the changes we have gone through in our lifestyle when compared to that of the previous generation. Those were the days when education was of no priority.

Nobody was compelled to go to schools or get educated. Instead of carrying those heavy school bags children used to carry heavy loads in their work place. Child labour was common. No tension of exams, ranks, classroom study and homework. Parents tried to make their children earn for the family as soon as possible. Those days people somehow filled their empty stomach. But now we find the problem of unemployment, even with top education.

Going through the present scenario, we can put forth certain ideas on how next generation would be? In future, it would not be surprising if a baby yet to born is already admitted for an infant study class. Fortunately, we have been escaped of it. At present, though we spend most of our time on mobile we did not have a great touch with it during our childhood. We spent our childhood playing certain games like hide and seek, chase and run etc. We watched cartoons as the present kids also do. But the difference is that we watched it in the television, but now the kids watch it in mobile phones. So this is how the Generation Gap can be seen. The day is not much far when the children could learn about nature animals and birds only in pictures. Hopefully we are in a safer side.

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Sep 01, 2017
by: Ashwini

Very nice

Jun 18, 2019
Very True

Good one dude!

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