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Girl Alone - contd..

by Nirmal Kishor Prasad
(New Delhi, India)

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Seeing him Anand, then Rani and finally Ruchi also came out of the car. They had reached the desired destination; every one of them bit relaxed and had 15 minutes time to enjoy the outside scenes of mid-night in front of Fortis Hospital.

Anand and Rani were eagerly looking around, challenging each other on a prediction game.
Anand was saying, “Rani, Didi will come from my left side road.”

Countering Anand, Rani was predicting by saying, “No, Didi will come from right side road.”

This game continued for quite some time.
Ruchi had some known facts to share with Sandeep, said, “Actually, Nikita had appeared an Interview for other MNC company for some higher post; subsequently she was also selected with higher salary package. She had already given a resignation to her present company and as per the service contract she has to work in this company for one month so that her resignation will be accepted with no dues. At present, she is working in the company to complete that period. Since then her Reporting Officer is not happy with her. Her reporting officer, now-a-days, overburdened her with many assignments in the plea that she will be leaving the job, hence she has to finish all those jobs.”

“Yes, I know, once you’re telling me that she had to stay overnight to finish those assignments and in morning she came to home,” Sandeep replied to her.

Last time, when she applied for leave to go to Patna, she was denied the leave for the days she wished, it was curtailed to mere three days.” Ruchi said.

“May be her Reporting Officer has involvement in such nuisance of putting her in trouble, the way cab driver after moving 100 meters away from office exhibited his inability
to move further on the ground that his cab is having problem, is just disgusting and surprising.” It was an outburst from Sandeep.

“The Company should take proper and special responsibility of safe reach of lady employees to their residence at least in night,” Ruchi’s anger was seen for the company deploying women employees.

From a distance, Rani and Anand could recognize a bike was approaching to their side. After a while, the bike stopped nearer to them. Nikita and her two friends just got down from the bike. Nikita introduced her friends as Samir and Iqbal. They were so courteous and cultured that immediately after putting their bike on stand, came to Sandeep and touching feet took blessings.

On that day, perhaps those friends of Nikita had come as ‘Ram’ and ‘Rahim’ in disguise and no adverse can happen to anyone in this earth, who is blessed by ‘Ram’ and ‘Rahim’.

Friends after a small talk with them, departed as it was too late.

Her brother-in-law and Didi at Patna were informed about Nikita’s safe arrival. They were relieved off from the anxieties with the happy news.

The girl alone in the mid night was no more alone, she was with her family. All sat in the car and moved toward the residence at Lodhi Road.

Anand actively played his role of ‘Sarathi’ by activating GPS tracking to the destination. Rani and Ruchi were just chitchatting with Nikita on the day’s activities in the office and subsequent developments after office hours.

Ruchi was instigating Nikita with mockery of incident to make her cheerful. After a small interval, Sandeep could hear the laughter of Nikita along with others seating in back seats.

Finally, Nikita along with others, safely reached the residence at Lodhi Road. It was almost 1.30 PM. The mission was all success…


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Jun 15, 2015
by: Gunjan

The way of presenting the real story is engaging the reader in the whole story.

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