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Gone to the Woods - contd

by Surbhi Sharma
(Shimla, India)

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Our family used to be a happy family a long time ago. The two brothers served as the foundation of the home. Our family became split up as a result of the argument between your aunt and mother. But your father's unexpected accident was the major event. It was New Year's Eve. Your mother suspected your uncle of causing your father's accident, even though both of their brothers were out for the planned celebration. The split between the two families grew worse after that. Your aunt Shanta hasn't been the same since. Witchcraft was observed being practiced by her. The villagers imprisoned her within a chamber. Your mother is a kind woman, but Maya, your aunt's daughter, blames her for her brother’s death. I was surprised to learn that your grandmother has doubts regarding your mother. Shama is a poor person; how can she do something wrong when she has skin cancer? After Maya's brother passed away, I moved out of my sister's home. Your home was enveloped by clouds of despair. I never came to your place again after that. Anuj returned subsequent to obtaining an inadequate response.

Late at night on the way home, he noticed Maya heading into the bush. He noticed his mother and Maya there as he followed her. They were talking to each other. He later developed misgivings about Maya and his mother as well. For the accidents in their homes, he held Maya and his mother equally responsible. Isha's situation was deteriorating daily. He asked to be called by a saint from Vrindavan. In the meantime, he wanted to find a solution to the complex house problem. During his meetings with many villagers, he learned that his cousin passed away from an overdose of the drugs. It brought him great relief. That his mother was not engaged satisfied him entirely now. Maya and her mother (Shanta) are suddenly the target of suspicion.

Shama vanished the following day. Anuj began blaming Shanta and Maya for this. Guruji arrived in the evening. Despite Shanta and Maya's adamant objections, he visited both houses. Nothing was wrong, in his opinion. He did stop, however, pause before his grandmother's door and asked Anuj to open it. He was instructed by Guruji to bring Grandmother from the nearby temple, as she had left for the evening aarti. which was her daily schedule right from the start. Upon his arrival at the shrine, he discovered that his grandma had not come here since her son died. At the sound of his grandmother's approach from the bush, he hid himself. The entire way home, he trailed her. Her scarf caught his attention as well, tainted by the crimson dirt. His mother and Maya were chatting away when he recalled seeing this red dirt there not too long ago. Hurrying over, he heard the noise and went over. That sounds led him to his mother, who was
calling out for assistance and in a terrible state. He got her back. The intricate riddle began to reveal its layers one by one at this was not Shanta, or Maya, not his mother. His grandma, elderly, prehensile, and mature was a convicted felon. He escorted her to meet Guruji. After Voodoo, a doll, was discovered in her drawer by Guruji, she admitted. She accepted that she was in charge of everything that took place in these homes. She sobbed as she continued, "This evil woman, Shama, has ruined my life. " She began consuming the joy in my home the day my son got married, much like a parasite. She killed her first son by pouring hot oil on him. She also jumped from a second story’s balcony in her second pregnancy. My darling son! After saving her life, he drove her to the hospital. Her child was born prematurely. And that youngster passed away. This witch killed the kid, I'm quite sure of it.

She even killed my unfortunate son, her husband when he attempted to stop her. Claiming Shanta was to fault, she very innocently saved herself. Anuj, I pray that the Holy Lord grants you the fortitude to understand that neither you nor that girl Isha are my heir, but offsprings of Shama and Raman. Isn't that amazing, Anuj? Raman Chacha!
True enough, the carpenter who was doing work at our house. Anuj wept to his mother, still in shock and bewilderment. Mom, oh. Why have you been this way toward my father, me, and both families? Maa, you were a god and everything to me. Dear, I am not making this statement inanely. Grandmother added. They have been together a few times that I have seen. Oh, poor Isha! Although I shouldn't have hurt her in this way, but I also want to get even with your mother. Part of my strategy was to lock Shanta in her room and aggravate Maya. Oh! I see. I called Maya quite a few times, quietly to the forest, but she never responded to my questions. Shama spoke in a miserable tone. How foolish I was to believe that Maya and her mother were the ones responsible for everything. My daughter was troubled by this elderly woman. And I shall kill her. Ah, Shama Screamed I ought to have murdered her sooner. You have no right to judge me. You and your son shattered my life. I never desired to wed your son. You were the one who made my parents wed your crippled son. I never loved him. Oh, you ugly old lady! what you created for me. A criminal? No sinner. Yes, a sinner indeed. I have to repent by sacrificing my life. Shama jumped out of the window and perished shortly after uttering this. Isha was restored to normalcy by Guruji's exorcism.

Grandma moved with Shanta and Maya. Isha accompanied Anuj to Vrindavan.


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