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Good Friends - contd

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

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Madhu was thoughtful of what she said and left. Was she in love with him? Then what about Jay?

Luv zigzagged between “what should be” and “what has to be”.

“Madhu loves Jay but wishes I was Jay”

It took Luv a lot of effort to settle for “what has to be” and not “what should be”.

WHAT SHOULD BE… is wild. There are so many things that should be but can’t be because of the hazards and Luv had realized it after spending the entire precious weekend thinking about it.

Monday Morning’s Sunshine was bright and clear. Luv knew what he wanted. He went straight to Madhu and showed her the photograph of the girl his mother had finalized for him.
“How is she?” Madhu didn’t seem as bright, as if she had to pull herself to answer this question.

“She’s Pretty. You like her?”

“Yeah” Luv flashed an unwanted smile.

Madhu had lost Jay after five years and had still gotten over. So a week old emotion flick didn’t much look like a problem.

Meanwhile, that evening her discussion with her father-in-law had shown result. Jay had asked her to meet over a coffee. Madhu was happy for Luv and bravely stepped for the meeting.

She hadn’t fallen for Luv Bakshi.

Had she??

He was a friend rather her best friend. And girls don’t fall for their best friends and he was younger to her.

The thought brought back Madhu’s Smile. Two years back she had chosen the tougher route at the crossroad. She was on a crossroad again and chose the tougher one yet again. Yes it was tough for her to reach back the past that too when life was trying to give her a fresh chance. Rejecting that chance was painful. Luv was just helping her and finding love in a supportive best friend might mean taking him for granted.

Luv had sensed Madhu’s emotions though. But, he knew it wasn’t meant to happen. He knew at times for love to sustain the story has to be incomplete.

He agreed to marry the girl his mom had chosen even without meeting her. He knew he’ll give her all she would ask for but his love would stay as a blessing by Madhu’s Side.

Madhu on the other hand pacified with Jay and moved in the new apartment Jay had gifted her. Jay was a changed man. Quite like any girl’s prince charming. His realization of her sacrifices had left him ashamed and sad. He wanted to do anything and everything for Madhu. He knew it was a new Madhu he was living with. He knew something about Madhu had changed but he wasn’t complaining.

Two months later, Madhu decided to invite all her friends to a small party. Luv looked happy with his girl. Madhu could steal just a few minutes to speak to Luv.
“Nice Tattoo Luv Bakshi” She teased.
“You Noticed.”
“Yah let me read what’s written on it.”
Luv offered his hand.

“Mad for Luv.”

Madhu petrified. She looked straight into Luv’s smiling eyes. He loved her too.
She wished she had known.


“Don’t worry Madhu you don’t have to feel bad.”

Madhu felt devastated.

“Luv you should have told me. You know I.”

Madhu wanted to tell what she felt but Luv stopped her..

“No Madhu. You have to love Jay. A few words are better left unsaid. You know there are so many things that should be but they don’t have to be.”

Madhu knew what Luv was talking about. All at that moment she could do was to thank him. Luv patched on Madhu’s left cheek and left hurriedly without letting the emotions to get over him.

Time has healed so many bruises and so did it for them too. Both Mad and Luv settled with their respective partners and remained good friends or at least preserved that unexpressed love, with the “GOOD FRIENDS” tag forever…

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Sep 29, 2017
good use of time !!!!!!!!!
by: Your Name:

With lots of twists and turns, a good eye catching short story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 13, 2017
thank you
by: Your Name:

Thank you for the kind words Ruzhat.

Jun 13, 2017
Excellent story telling
by: Nuzhat Khan

Kudos to the writer for bringing out twisted emotions so brilliantly. Good and easy language, interesting plot and brilliantly put up. Looking forward to reading more stories from the writer.

Jun 11, 2017
thank you
by: Your Name:

Thank you mam.

Jun 11, 2017
Friends are friends
by: Rashmi

Very touching story

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