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by Arbaj Ali
(Kolkata, India)

Welcome back to 99.4 Rock FM. The radio station for the people, by the people, to the people. We still have Mr. Azheb Sagar in the house. Before going to the break, he had told us how he got to know that he has last stage blood cancer and got only two months to live. But his spirit is high and is all flying.

"Anyone who stops living before dying, is better being dead."

"Wah Azheb miyan! Beautiful words.
So, tell us. Three movies in your entire career and all of them National Award winner?"

"I think you are not happy with my success."

"No. No. Kya bol rahe hai Sir? I am just asking that how did you manage to write such great stories and also direct them?"

"Well, when you make movies related to your life, you want the audience to enjoy and connect with it. And I guess I was able to manage that."

"So, you're saying that all the three movies are from your life?"

"Ji haan. (Yes). But my life is more than just those three odd movies."


"When I have just two months to live, let's open some chambers of secrets."

"Raaz? This is getting pretty interesting. What type of secrets?"

"Apart from these three movies, I made some other movies with a pseudonym during the start of my career."

"You serious?"

"Of course. And all of them tells a more into story of my life."

"Say more on this."

"Have you ever, ever in your life, watched 'Haadsa'?"

"That movie in which an old man assaults a young kid?"

"Yeah. The kid was me and the old man was my paternal uncle."

*Everything went quite*

"Don't be so serious now!"

"The second movie?"

"My second movie was 'Deewangi Ka Mazaa'."

"What is that?"

"Told ya, some movies were so bad that it never even walked in theatres."

*Only Azheb's laugh echoed in the studio*

"There was this girl in my college. I was head over heels on her. But she never bulged. One day, in my utmost desperation, I jumped from my hostel building."

"And did she accept you after that?"

"No. But I had to accept the hospital bills."

"Hahahahahaha. That's a good one.
And the last one?"

"Ever heard of a movie titled 'Dehshat'? "

"That movie in which a little boy escapes a serial killer who had killed 31 people?"

"It means you have seen the movie?"

"Yeah. Don't tell me that you were the boy."

"Na na. I was the killer."

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