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Half a Day at Pyramid Valley International

by Lakshmi Menon
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Pyramid Valley International is a meditation centre located on Kanakapura Road in Harohalli village, which is 30 km from Bangalore city. It is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy a peaceful day with family. Travelling through Kanakapura road is not a pleasant experience because of the many potholes on the road. From Kanakapura road we have to take a left turn and travel 1 ½ km through a village road to reach this wonderful place.

Pyramid Valley International is an incredibly stunning sight nestled beautifully amidst rocky hills and lush valleys. It is world’s largest meditation centre. It is managed by the Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) and is a new age meditation and Spiritual Science Centre. The design and architecture of the structure of Pyramid valley International is said to be inspired by the great pyramid of GIZA.

Once you enter the place it is a stunning sight to experience. There is ample parking space and you need not worry about the parking. As you move around you can see the Direction maps of the place. A complete silence is observed everywhere.

The Meditation center is founded by Sri Brahmarshi Patriji. The Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid is standing at a height of 102 ft. and a base of more than 25,000 sq ft. Photography is not allowed here. Visitors can enter inside and spend time on meditation or just to see the place. The large meditation hall can accommodate about 5000 people at a time. As you enter the Meditation centre, you can see a board which shows how to do meditation, both in Kannada and English. When you enter the hall you can also see the King’s chamber which is a spiral structure at a height of 34 feet located at the centre of 1/3rd height of the pyramid. Those you want can meditate in this chamber

At the basement, there is a book shop where one can pick up books, videos, and music related to spiritual sciences and meditation. It has beautiful art murals in remembrance of Buddha’s great teachings and service to humanity. Photography is not allowed here also.

They provide free satwik lunch till 1 p.m. If you miss that you can go to the cafeteria which serves a simple and tasty vegetarian menu reflecting the philosophy of the centre, at a reasonable price. This cafeteria is open till 4.30 pm.

Apart from the Buddha meditation center, Coconut groves, green gardens, water bodies, and a bamboo bridge add beauty to this place.

If you want to stay there and experience the stay in such a spiritual atmosphere accommodation is available in rooms and dormitory. You have to contact their office for more details.

There is also a small children’s park where kids can enjoy, without making much noise.

Pyramid valley is a beautiful place for photography.

This place is worth visiting. Stepping out of your routine life and taking a pause to admire the beauty of world around us and within us is a good way to get rejuvenated. For further details please visit the .

There is no entrance fee. A small amount for parking is charged.

After spending quality time of about 4 1/2 hours in a spiritual atmosphere we left there feeling very happy and relaxed. We stopped at a shop just few meters away from Pyramid valley and enjoyed fresh sugar cane juice. They also had organically produced items such as rice, millet, wheat, jiggery, coffee, tea, fruits etc. and we bought some of them. They too have a small farm where the organic items are produced. We wanted to visit there, but postponed it for another day.

You can watch the video about this.

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