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Happiness in Helping Others

by Rupa Rani Sinha
(Gurgaon, India)

In a small village of Gorakhpur, there once lived twin sisters named Sita and Gita. They used to play kabaddi(an outdoor game) every evening with other children.

One day, on their way to school, they were stopped by an old man. He pleaded them to help him cross the bridge. Gita refused to do it and started pulling Sita.
She said "Sita, we will be late for school". "We should help this man. He doesn't have even enough stamina to cross the bridge all by himself," said Sita.
But Gita did not change her mind and left her there to walk down the school.

Sita said "Dada(grandfather), I shall help you". She gently held his hand.

Holding his hand, she started walking slowly with him. While walking, she also told him about the things that they were passing by.The old man was feeling amused to listen to the narrator.

They reached his house. The old man thanked her and gifted her a pen. Sita accepted it happily and took the path to her school.

On her arrival to school, Mrs Hema, the teacher questioned her for late coming. She told her about the incident.
Mrs Hema smiled and said, "You have done a good deed Sita! It shows you are applying the lessons which I taught you."

Sita then showed her the pen that she received from the old man. Mrs Hema identified the pen. "Oh my dear! This pen belongs to my father. He must have forgotten to carry his stick in the marketplace. Thank you for helping him!" said Mrs. Hema.

The teacher told the entire class about the incident and said how kind it was of Sita to drop her father to their house. Gita was listening everything and got tears in her eyes. She came closer to Sita and apologized for leaving her all alone. Sita hugged her sister and then they went back to their seat for the next period.

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