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Happy Birthday Daddy!

by Rakhi Dhawan
(New Delhi)

You have turned a year old,
gained greys on your mane,the wrinkles and lines…
few freckles defined…
the stories of your life retold..!

You have slowed down your pace,
far from the maddening race…
Collecting the tit bits of life,
breaking the old chains...
How fondly you travel back,
deep down the memory lane...!

You have mellowed down into a saintly reign..
no pain, no fear of loss or gain...
No haste,no chase,
displaying your true wealth in life’s showcase..!.
How manly you walk,so tall and proud
recollecting yourself ..
in your glorious Golden Phase..!.

You must be tired, and blissfully retired..
in fulfilling all your life's dreams...
You have grown up old
churning the hardships, meeting the goals..
have really struggled hard
to give us the 'cream'..!

You have changed with time,thats how the world sees..
Might matter to those who hovers around
for fake material and cheese..
but it hardly matters to the little girl whom you taught and preached..
to smoothen life's rough,dark and the toughest crease..!

I want you to know,what truly I feel
how special you are to me...
You are the one who pampered the young soul
the one with whom I have always loved to be..!

Just look into my eyes.. daddy and there you shall see..
You have been the most handsome man of the world for me.....
and I promise from the bottom of my heart ,where you live
that you shall always be....!!! :)

The End

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