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Hare and Tortoise

by Jayasudha Bhaskaran
(The Nilgiris,Tamilnadu,India)

The Arrogant Hare and the Humble Tortoise

Years passed by and the hare and the tortoise grew old. Once they met each other on a huge ground. They planned for a running race on the ground. Having grown old, both of them did not have the impulse to run long distances.

The race was about reaching the large tree on the opposite side of the ground first. The tree was several feet away from them. They started the race and suddenly it began to drizzle.But it did not stop them from their game. Gradually, the downpour turned out to be heavy and it started to rain cats and dogs. The rumbling sound of thunder resonated the earth. Lightning exploded in the sky and it tried hard to strike objects that obstructed its way.

They were already fully drenched and the hare rushed towards the large tree which was few feet away from him in no time. The poor tortoise tried to walk as fast as possible. A thorn pricked its feet and the poor thing hobbled across the ground to reach the tree. The rabbit was making fun of it and tried to imitate the tortoise.

The tortoise could not walk further for the wound hurt it. It then turned around to find a place to escape from the thunderstorm.

It was then that it found an old dented car lying by the side of the ground,few feet away from it. The tortoise then strode towards it. On reaching the car, the tortoise slowly made its way into it which was low lying such that it could creep into it easily.

The hare ridiculed the tortoise for it could not reach the tree which was at a distance from it. Also, it declared itself as the winner of the race.

The tortoise did not utter a word for it thought it useless to have a verbal dispute with the foolish and arrogant hare.

The rain did not seem to stop and both of them waited for the rain to stop. It was then that a white lightning made its way through the air to the large tree under which the hare was standing. The lightning struck the top of the tree and it was passed through the tree downwards. It then struck the hare standing beneath it. The hare experienced an electric shock running through its body. It fell to the ground and as it slowly closed its eyes, it saw the tortoise safe under the metal roof.

The tortoise looked at the hare with pitiful eyes for the hare was its friend even though it constantly criticized it.

MORAL: No one is perfect and do not criticize others.


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