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by Qadariah Khan
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

There once was a girl,
Who had dreams of an amazing world;
She would smile all day and laugh with her friends;
As there wasn't a reason to be sad and loneliness seemed a far end;

When she grew up she started to understand the reality;
And her amazing world appeared just a fantasy;
Her days were now divided in school and class;
Playing with friends became an occasional task;

She noticed now the things she once ignored;
The injustice the hand of humans bore;
The love she felt in the things around her started to fade;
Now she found peace in a lonely shade;

Her thoughts changed and her true self got hidden;
Life became a series of events happening all of a sudden;
Now, her life was guided by everyone else, broken in fragments;
They all claimed to be her's and that she should be divided in a segment;

Her self-worth was a reflection of other's thoughts;
Her compatibility judged through her relations with costs;
She drew around boundaries and became a mystery to be deciphered;
The fire in her died down and her shine no longer shimmered;

Many people came to know her;
But they found nothing but a pretentious her;
The more distant she became from the world and its reality;
The more it came nearer highlighting her scarcity;

She learned to live on the bare minimum;
Even a single compliment seemed like a big sum;
She started wearing her heart on the sleeves;
Hoping for a lover to take it and keep;

She met a person who was willing to take it;
But left it broken, on repeat;
Now loneliness was her constant friend;
Visiting her at the day's end;

Her adulthood brought along a lot of opportunities;
Reminding her at every instance of her scarcities;
Joyful hours went immersed in her work;
Nobody knew she was riding a deathly wave, with the skill of a beginner's surf;

The day finally came when her body gave out and her mind won;
She felt eternal peace and listened to the divine song;
She entered the world she once dreamed about;
And gave a joyful shout


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