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Hope and 3 Other Poems

by Shabeer T S
(Thiruvananthapuram, India)


Intelligentsia elucidate hope
From experiences in life and their perspectives.
It is not all-embracing;
It is not a universal law.

Hope is a black hole - full of uncertainty.
The outcome is vested upon us-
How it consumes us.

It impels us to go on in the long journey;
Believe in Karma.
Do good and good happens,
Evil follows the doers of bad.

The world bows before the Creator in Hope-
To be shown the doors of Paradise.

Lovers of vice know what to do next:
Hell is not a choice for them,
It is merely a truth!


I no longer like to be here;
Not because I am - as always - alone at home.
But I no longer feel like it is my home.
Perceive people in two situations -
When they need you and when you need them.
The difference is clear:
The depth of the blood becomes shallow.
We are rendered our own!
At times, the disparity is undecided -
Between our loved ones and strangers.
If you are poor or discerned as useless
They do not need you.
They care not of what happens to you.
They who celebrate every joy in your life
Disappear into darkness in your sorrows.
They are nowhere to be seen.
It amuses that they never intuit
That we feel what goes in their minds.
Those words of never-ending curses;
This is life -
The gift from God and your parents!
Either live with it or surrender.
But life goes on - in this world or the eternal world.
Who cares when both are the same?


Steps - They are not about my dream.
But my life saviour;
A potion which might save my life forever.
Every step I take, comes with a setback;
From my own blood!
I discern new ways out
That last merely for a few days.
I know not why I do the same things -
That fails always.
Perhaps of the hope to escape from this labyrinth -
A loop which can drown me into its deepest trench.


Ere the era so pretentious,
The arrow of love pierced the heart.
A temple it remained, the lover so fair.
White doves flew from the peak into his heart.
His soul nectar-filled, hence eternal bliss.
Deep red roses sprouted aplenty.
A paradise bloomed
And forever lasted.

And the present era false and pretentious
Sees love in dreams meek.
A mattock of folly touched his heart,
A bubble rose so fragile;
Vultures flew apart
And filled his head with arms and weapons
Amidst battles, calamities and disasters,
A stage of vulgars and was put out.


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Oct 20, 2018
by: Uma VR Parvathy

"My Life - Now" is such a captivating and soulful poem. Although in blank verse, it is so complete in itself. Keep up the good work.

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