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Hopelessly hoping

by Almira Chiploonkar
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

And with hope comes fear,
And with hope comes a ray of light,
And with hope comes disappointment too
not all sweets are meant to be delights.
And with hope comes expectations
destroying everything from dreams, homes and relations.
Like a stealthy thief, like a peaceful shatter
takes away everything leaving behind only matter.
Disguised in the name of hope is a miscreant crime
Taking away some sorrows but bringing them back with more force in time.
They say hope is beautiful it mends and repairs
oh how do I believe? when it only mends you to tear.
Selfless hope with happiness to share
oh how do I believe? when happiness is all that I spare.
They say hold on to hope it is quite rare oh how do I believe? when with hope comes a price one can't bear,
the price of disappointment, the price of expectations
the price of failure, the price of dying aspirations.
Hope is redundant, like a share market about to close,
will take away the reality of life from under your nose.
Hope is a dream, like a pretentious fairytale, it seems
with a happy ever after, but it only is a coupon that fails to redeem.
Seamless hope like a widow in a wedding gown
like a peaceful dream only to be awaken when your life comes crashing down.
Hope is like poison kicking in slow and steady
Taking you down with it when you're barely ready.
Like a tumor that spreads, like the future you dread
like a tear you shed, like the pale child unfed
Takes over slowly and completely
Like a priest becoming unholy, sinning in a church unaware and lowly.


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