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Humanity First

by Anoop Pandey
(Mumbai, India)

As born got worn caste’s clothe
However it was dawn still enough mourn
People says only then I got born
As grown clasped religion’s faith
This was novice, learnt and perceived
That vacant mind, went determined

To follow, became diction as froth
All that superstition dealt was like dot
May I’m sheer as thou feel
They says worship where they steal
Had I not felt before being seen a moth
Hovering, offering prayers crushed from lot,

Wouldn’t know nothing is like nature
Even neither any God nor any Religion
All we’re only a creation, either human or creature
What the hell is Kind or Apostatize?

All what needed, to offer offerings, humanity
If each teaches the same, why be disunite
Why to dispute? Do what magnify, the dignity
Of human kind which enhance, further invite


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