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humdrum? No more

Short story by hetal joshi


Reena heard the familiar thump of the door closing behind Samir as he left for work, they had just shared the customary breakfast a few minutes ago and he had left with a cursory goodbye like always.

No they were not having a fight, no there was nothing wrong between them, all was fine. Rather it was perfect! , As perfect as life could be after 10 years of marriage.
Today, they completed 10 years of being together and happily married too!

“There were no problems and that was the problem itself”, Reena mused. Having no problem was the problem today, they were comfortable together, and there in lay the problem.

“Midlife crisis” as it's called Reena thought

She had never imagined it, never thought that 10 years later a day would come when she would crave having a fight with Samir. Then she had dreaded the fights, today she would welcome them. They had grown up together in the last 10 years. Reena and Samir had married young, rather too young but as they say you know when it's right.

They had fallen in love at their first year of high school itself, had dated through college and married, as soon as they secured jobs right after. Their family and friends had questioned their sensibility in marrying so young, but for them it had been quite natural to take the step towards marriage and it had proved to be the best decision for them and it still was. She wouldn't change the past even by a day or a minute.


Since a few days she was feeling a bit didn't make sense...but she had tried to start fights with Samir without any reason..just silly things knowing that it wasn't important, still making an issue out of it..and Samir being Samir had casually avoided everyone of them so smoothly!

10 years of Marriage taught you a lot..Reena smiled. Samir was amazing at dodging fights, even during the days when they were dating, Reena would go on a tirade and he would calmly listen and finally apologise making her feel guilty and wanting to apologise in return...she used to hate it never be able to rile him..but then he could charm his way around anything..and anyone...

Convincing a girl’s parents to marry her off just out of college a guy barely out of college himself required a great deal of courage and immense charm, which samir unquestionably possessed

Samir had been 2 years her senior...they had gone to the same high school and later on the same college. It wasn't planned, but well, it could be called destiny that both their career choices had brought them to the same university...Samir had secured a job right out of college, where he had worked for the two years, before resigning and starting up his own firm.

By the time Reena had finished her college and was giving interviews, he had not only convinced both their parents for the match but also set the date for the engagement! That easily! Reena still sometimes wondered how he had done it... that had been almost 11 years ago, but it felt like yesterday.

Reena was aware that Samir was getting upset and frustrated due to her unreasonable behaviour but he would never say anything, at least up to a certain point but after that Bam! He would explode, she was so confused and disturbed herself and thinking about Samir made her more anxious.

What if he suddenly decided that he couldn’t take it anymore? What if he was too frustrated to want to work over it? What if he decided to just let it go?

God! Reena... what are you thinking?, Stop being so melodramatic, stop making things worse by letting your imagination run wild! She mentally berated herself. It was almost the time to get ready for the party she realised looking at the clock, a day spent woolgathering! She mused, she really was going senile!


Reena was pulled out of her broodings by the telephone ringing.

It was Samir.

“Reena...we will have to cancel tonight's party...I need to leave for Delhi...tonight! Sorry dear, but it’s due to the client I told you about, he wants to meet tomorrow morning for breakfast and I can't postpone it as he leaves India tomorrow evening itself and there's no morning flight tickets available, if I don't meet him tomorrow the deal will be postponed for atleast a month and that will be too m really sorry dear...god...I hate asking it of you especially today but we can have the party tomorrow..I will take the first flight out.. really sorry honey...”

“Aare, It's absolutely , okay...really it is, tomorrow is as good a day as don't worry, I know how much you have waited for this..” she said interrupting him.

“You are the best Reen! I also need another favour need to pack an overnight bag for me and bring it over to the office...I can't spare Aakash as he's helping me with tomorrow’s presentation as it's a weekend almost the entire staff has left so you will need to bring it yourself..”

“Why are you giving me so many explanations?, its okay! You concentrate on tomorrow’s presentation I will bring it by, and I will drop a SMS to all our friends about postponing the party as well, so don't worry about it, see you in half an hour, okay?”

“ya alright, thanks, umm...Reen, there is another reason to ask you to come with here...I am leaving you alone on our 10th wedding anniversary ..Well, I can't leave without meeting you now, can I? See you soon, bye!"

And he disconnected the phone leaving a beautiful smile blooming on his wife's face...Reena didn't know why but she felt like crying then and also happy for the first time that day...such mixed emotions were too confusing for her...shaking her head..she got up and headed for the closet..she had a bag to pack!

Half hour later,

“Oh great you are here, have a seat, we were just going over the final details..” Samir said barely looking up as Reena walked into the office.

“Ok , I guess that covers it all..Alright Aakash I will see you at the airport, the flight is at 11.55"

“I will get all the documents sir and the final contract as well, ok then I will take your leave, goodbye sir, ma'am ,oh sorry..Happy anniversary ma'am! ”

“Thank you Aakash, do come for the dinner party tomorrow"

“Of course, ma'am”, saying so he left.

Samir got up and walked around the desk to join Reena on the couch.

“Reen I need to talk to you, rather we need to talk...I have been trying to avoid this but I can't anymore..I am not sure if what I am doing is correct or if it's the right time for this or not, but well it can't be avoided anymore..” he let the words hang in the air.

Short story continued here...