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Hunar Raja (The Gold King)- A Saga of Untold Past

by Tukumoni Mahanta

Title: "Hunar Raja"(The Gold King)- Saga of Untold Past
Author: "Hunar Raja"(The Gold King)
Reviewed by: Tukumoni Mahanta

"Hunar Raja"(The Gold King) can be considered as a landmark in the field of Assamese historical novel. The novel is written by Dipti Dutta Kalita, an eminent short story writer of Assam. This is her first venture in the genre of novel.

The novel is about rich cultural heritage of the Morans, one of the aboriginal tribes of Assam. During the 13th century, they resided in the south-eastern corner of the Brahmaputra valley. They had an abundant kingdom led by king Bodousa before the advent of the Ahom king chu-ka-pha. Having arrived in this affluent kingdom, Chu-Ka-Pha proposed to marry princess Gondheswari- the daughter of Moran king Bodousa. The peace loving king Bodousa accepted his proposal and the history of Assam took a turning point to be shaped as it is found today.

In the preface of the novel,the writer has herself admitted that though the novel is historical. yet it is in certain cases exceptional Since, little evidence is found about the kingdom,the writer has to use her fantastic imagination to carry forward the story.

The novel is indeed a readable one as it tries to bring out the voice of the subletern. The lucid narrative and revival of golden past make it a real treasure in realm of Assamese literature.

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May 18, 2020
Nice work
by: Your Name:

Very clearly described the progress of this good work

May 18, 2020
Hunar Raja
by: Your Name: Prarthana Gogoi

I have read this novel.The rich legacy of the Moran kingdom is unveiled in a lucid narrative. The technique is indeed good. The writer fuses facts and fiction, thus make it worthy for the readers. The usage of the Moran dialects, and folklores make the language more rhythmic.

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