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Hymn for Babaji

by B.R. Nagpal
(Delhi, India)

Hymn for Babaji

(Song of Gratitude)

Everlasting Gratitude to Babaji

for Your constant flow

of benevolent Grace and

for being the greatest treasure in my life.

Babaji, You are Rare Divine Manifestation

at Darbar, Mountain Abode

transmitting ripples

among the true devotees

Your transcendent aura,

self-encompassing splendour

is all-pervasive.

Your Divine Reality

unveils itself

in Your subtle, sublime composure

when You radiate

Your merciful rays

in Giving, Giving

to the righteous

in exquisite abundance



Celestial in human form

Saint, Guru, Maha Yogi

You are Eternal Love, Bliss


Lord of Lords,

Prime Mover, Shakti

You demolish the irrelevant

as Grinder, Builder, Maker

of New Being

The life of a true devotee

becomes resplendent

in Your Kripa

who accepts Your Word

surrenders with faith, reverence

You bestow richness, fullness

to such a bhakt

whose bhakti blooms

in Your Divine Garden

where You have planted

Your seed

Babaji, You are Ever-Present

Guardian Light, Supreme Spirit

elevating, purifying

the life of a virtuous devotee



Ever-Grateful to You, Babaji
for bringing an awakening in my life,
acting as Saviour,
providing Divine Knowledge, Divine Love.

Om Shakti, Om Shakti, Om Shakti Om


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