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I am a Lone Reed

by Aditi Munot
(Pune, India)

I am a lone reed
Stark and naked
I must weather it all on my own
I must stand all alone

You are prepared to live your life without me
Without you, my life I still cannot see
I have invested my life entirely in you
But to make a life, it takes two.

Your dreams and aspirations were always mine
My smallest wishes you always denied
Your success and failures I cared for most
My tiny achievements weren’t worth a toast

All my life I have craved and longed
Just to feel that I belong
At every test you left me alone
To deal with life, to cry and moan

My confidence and dreams you have crushed
Made my thoughts and views sound fickle
My fears and pains were last on your list
My ideas and actions questionable

All I was is a spouse to you
Someone you would never stand up to
Today I question my very existence
All you have offered is your ignorance

Alone I have stood for so many years
All my eyes have now are tears.
I no longer wish to be a part of your picture
I want to carve out my own future.


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