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I assure you that

by Kritika Prakash
(Nagpur, India)

I know you're lost.
I was too.
Trying to find a way out
I have stopped believing.
Emotions, Faith, Prayers, God.
All they can do is break your soul

But someday,
And I assure you that
You will find
A soul so broken itself that it will heal you.
A soul so pure that you'll loose yourself in it
A soul so strong that you will gain the strength to fight.
A soul so beautiful you will wish to hold those hands forever
A soul so not understood that it will understand you.
A soul so deprived of support that it will support you
A soul so in love that it will brace you when you're not lovable.
A soul with whom you're at your best even in your worst.

And it will be deceiving sometimes!
You may choose a wrong soul.
You'll break down.
But always remember in those times,
The right one is yet to come
And I assure you that.

And I know,
Times are tough sometimes
Or maybe often
And it's hard to believe in
But someday,
You will be able to connect the dots
And everything will make sense then
And I assure you that.

And when that soul will come to you
You'll heart will know.
Your messenger won't be butterflies
The true happiness will be
The true empathy will be
The true sweetness will be
And it will secure your soul
So tightly
So efficiently
That no harm will ever touch you.
And even if it does!
This time you won't be alone.
And I assure you that

And I know,
I am too young to tell you this
But love is worth the fight
And I assure you that.


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Oct 03, 2021
Really excellent poem
by: Your Name: Bhumika waghmare

The rhythm of your lines and spaces is great, they make me feel🥺 ____Really great yrrr ....❤️🔥

Oct 03, 2021
by: Your Name:LuneBigFan123

This is heart touching and relatable AF, well written. Good job sir!!! Keep it up!!!

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