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I Choose You - contd

by Priyanka Maurya
(Mumbai, India)

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Cupping her face in his two palms, he said, “Why not? I never knew I could love someone so sincerely and so immensely other than myself. Being with you, loving you, hell... just looking at you makes me want to fall in love with you, over and over again. I want to wake up beside you and fall in love with you, newly each day for the rest of my life.

I know you think I am very dramatic. I also know that you don’t believe most of what I express. But I ALSO KNOW THAT YOU WANT TO...IN YOUR HEART, YOU REALLY WANT TO. You want to believe that people are inherently good, that emotions can be true, that love be pure.”

Uncupping her face, Chitra gently pushes Rishi and walks out of the kitchen. She never understood the gravity of her insecurities until now. This is supposed to be the most beautiful moment of any person’s lives, when another person wants to commit his/her life to the other for this lifetime. She was experiencing that moment, but all she could think about was her miserable past and how messed up she was a person.

Sometimes in life, when pain has been a person’s reality for a long time, eventually that pain becomes their identity. And any ray of hope or happiness which could even slightly distance them from their pain, seems like somebody robbing them off their identity.

And Rishi’s marriage proposal was just that for Chitra.

It’s has been six months since that afternoon when Rishi proposed. Today is Sunday and Chitra as her routine dictates, is sitting cross-legged on the chair and is cleaning her book shelves. And like every alone moment in her life, she takes a stroll down her memory lane.

However, this time her stroll is pleasant, a broad smile is spread across her lips.
Above her book shelf, hangs a framed photo of Rishi and Chitra, taken on their wedding day. Chitra has finally found a NEW IDENTITY.


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Feb 07, 2020
by: Munmun Rudra

I'm just speechless. As i read the story I just cry and cry. My every emotion clash together and a gleam lights my soul. Love it. Go ahead with your pen.

Dec 29, 2019
Tears Of Joy
by: Ramji Maurya

A lovely stort with aptly potrayal.

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