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I could not see the world end!

by Piya Jayarajan

Curtains raise

Scene - I
A great Sunday morning. I am visiting my friend in Chennai and we are enjoying breakfast at one of the local food joints.
"Hurry up...We have a movie to catch at 11 am." says my friend.
"Yup... almost done." says me.
Constant chatter about the movie "2012", ( Yes, I believe the world is going to end then.) followed by some silly jokes, breakfast is done.

Scene - II

Inside Satyam Theatre, eager to enter the movie hall.
"Take the caramel popcorn... its nice." says me.
"Ok ok... but take some coke and cookies as well." says my friend.
So with two tubs of popcorn, chocolate brownies and coke (we would miss lunch), we are inside.
Movie is not bad, but I am a little upset that we missed the trailers.
The time is only 11:40 (Yippee!) and the movie is for two hours. Great food, Great company. Awesome!

Scene - III

Still inside Satyam Theatre, the time is 11: 42 am. Two men approach our row.
"Sir, please show me your tickets." says the usher.
"I think you have the wrong seats." says the pot bellied uncle next to him.
"No, our seats are L1 and L2." argues my friend.
I am still looking at the screen. C'mon the world is going to end. I have to concentrate on every dialogue.
"Sir, ungolude tickets kaaminge." (Please show me your tickets.")
"Ok....please have a look at this" says my friend as he takes the tickets from his pocket and hands them over.
"Saaaar!!...ithu nethukulla tickets!" ("Saaar!! These are yesterday's tickets!")
"Why us?" I think. I look at my friend. The expression on his face is priceless.
"C'mon... get up ... let us leave." he says.
I am blank.

Scene - IV

We are outside the movie hall. I am speechless. My friend is laughing his heart out.

With a sheepish grin, he says "I asked my office concierge to book them, didn't realize it was for Saturday..... I should have opened the envelope and checked the date. I thought I told her to book it for Sunday, or maybe I told her Saturday?!"
"Forget point." I say. Wow! I didn't realize I could be so calm.
"So what do we do now, go to Amethyst? (a very popular coffee shop in Chennai), sit inside the car or play video games?"
"I am in no mood for any of them...." says me
"Great..!!.. You do realize we have loads of time to kill right?" he says.
The icing on the cake?!
" We cannot take the car out till the movie ends!!!"
"Oh no!!"

Scene - V

Video games. Why? I was dying to know how the world ends!

The End

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Aug 30, 2011
Thank you :)
by: Piya

Hi Vimala,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Thank you very much and I am happy you enjoyed reading my first article here.

Though I was quite irked then, now I laugh when I think about it! It was truly an "unforgettable" moment! :)


Aug 02, 2011
Hilarious !
by: vimala ramu

A simple anecdote related very well, just down my street.

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