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I glared unbeknownst to who I am

by Akankshya Narayan
(Bangalore, India)

The question rang into my ears
Like the bells of the cathedral,
With eyes glutted with suspicion
They’d pierce into each intention.

Like a coffin bolt with rusted nails,
Plunged my demeanor and ripped my entrails
I weep in the gorging silence, so it makes them wonder
I am a ghost of my own anguish, so miserable to ponder?

I count to ten, for them to stare
But Plath told me like a cat, I have nine lives to spare
Now, my culprit stands across the glass, with a glance so perturbed
My mind cannot trace beyond an inch of altitude!

If I could make it stop, then I’d wait till I can fix
Or else would fear Bertha to call upon her jinx
Lock me in, as you incarcerated her.
But I’m no lover, I won’t stop until I infer

So why have you forcibly caged me inside this shelf?
And like a thrall you make me dance till twelve.
To get the star shining the brightest,
Let me polish the glass, again and again, in the gloom of my nest.


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