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by Mansi Bharadwaj
(Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Often, I have heard many people,who struggle for a very long time,saying that they have nothing to lose.
A warrior or a sufferer can be motivated ,inspired by
this quote instantly
"You have nothing to lose so fear nothing"
"Get up and move ahead"
There is a poem in hindi by Zakir Khan
"Mein shunya par sawar hoo
Ajab sa mein khumar hoo
Mushkilon se kya daru
Mein khud hi qahar hazar hoo"
It sounds so powerful. The moment any hopeless person
hears this, his or her spirits will be lifted within
a snap of a finger.
So much peace and strength one gets
It is such a surreal or amazingly surreal feeling
No words will be enough to describe such state.
From this kind of a feeling will stem a person who
will actually be limitless
But my question is-
Is it actually true??
Can anyone ever in this world get into a situation or
reach a point where that person has nothing to lose
As far as I have seen life, I can't believe that.
Even if one is going through the worst phase of life
one has something or other to lose. None in this world, in any situation can ever honestly say this.
Many times I also thought that everything was over
and I had nothing to lose but life surprised me in
unexpected ways.
When one encounters the loss , he or she feels that
there was a lot to lose that was not paid attention to.
Or maybe as humans we start valuing what we lose.
Sometimes it goes both ways.
Because If one has nothing to lose it means one is
not alive. We have something or other to lose always
that we are not aware of.
This fear of losing makes us human and a fearful human.
It can destroy us or we can use it as a weapon to
fight or shape our personality in a unique way.

Our choice-
Having said that I am always open to new experiences.
Life might surprise me again and I might have different
perspective and new perceptions.
One never knows-
Let's be open and choosy at the same time.
That is the beauty of life.


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