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Impossible Says I'm Possible - contd

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

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Our conversation continued till 10 p m. I thought, Surabhi had formed a good opinion on me. I was under the impression that the long conversation between us resulted not only in closeness but in love. I was also under the impression that she liked my forceful talk. While getting down at Bengaluru city railway station, we exchanged our mobile numbers and promised to meet next day at hotel Indraprastha in Malleshwaram at 9 p m.

Surabhi was present in the hotel at the appointed time. But I failed to arrive even after 20 minutes delay. Surabhi lost her patience in waiting. She was about to leave with great disappointment, I arrived and begged her sorry for the delay.

"Pankaj, I don’t like your behaviour. You must always maintain discipline."

"Surabhi, I was held up in the traffic. The road was blocked due to the visit of a V V I P . I hope you will understand and excuse me."

She refused to accept my reason for the delay and left the place. I felt very much for the indecent attitude of Surabhi.

I returned to Pavanpur the following day and concentrated in the task given to me. We didn’t meet for about one month. One day, I received a good news from Surya Bank that my loan was sanctioned and manager Murty called me to execute the documents. I took another month to keep all the required documents ready. I informed the same to the bank manager. He gave me a date after one week. On one auspicious day the loan was sanctioned. I was very much happy on that day.

My priority was to involve in the upliftment of the hotel. Based on my project report submitted in my final year MBA, I proceeded further. I struggled hard for one year to bring back the status of the hotel.

I knew
that Surabhi did not behave properly. But I love her and decided to be her life partner. I was thinking, if she refuse me all my dream would be collapsed.

After one week, I came to know that the engagement of Surabhi with Aniruddha Kota was over. Aniruddh was owner of Hotel Dwaraka in Pavanpur. I felt sorry for this development. I received another information that Surabhi reluctantly agreed to give consent. Her father Murty was also not happy. Kamalesh, one of the employees in my hotel, helped me to arrange a meeting with Surabhi in the famous Anjaneya temple. He happened to be the relative of Surabhi.

I met her on the appointed day and place. She told me the engagement with Aniruddha was against her wish. I asked the reason for keeping quite. She said the reply would be given at an appropriate time. I was happy to know that she loves me. I was fully aware that the problem was not easy to solve. I took firm decision to free Surabhi from Aniruddha. I was seriously thinking about the solution.

Aniruddha came to know my efforts to prevent Surabhi's marriage with him. He sent a few goondas to desist from the efforts, otherwise he will not hesitate to finish me. I was bold to refuse his warning. For my protection I informed the police.

It was my good luck that Bank manager Murty came to my rescue. One day, I was narrowly escaped from the goondas of Aniruddh. Police caught him red handed and arrested.

Surabhi became my life partner.

The telephone rang. I immediately came back from my nostalgia and went to attend the call. It was a call from Surabhi that she would return after two days.

The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it. I had always in my mind that ‘impossible says I’m possible’ and proved it.


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