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In Enemy Territory

by Avijit Roy
(Palta, India)

A land of green with soothing breeze,
Moon of silver, Sun in angery hue,
I was back home, land of other mother,
Thought I ,standing on the enemy territory.
On chance I met a human child,
Just out of warring womb.
His dark eyes, dry lips,
Gun in grip, feet stiffened,
He mirrored me in his adverse countenance.
Revenge had dried in our throat,
Only bayonet of nations remained.
My blood was chilled to death,
Though, I was not dead yet.
I knew, we had our cup of tea,
Somewhere in a dark parlour ages ago.
I knew , we had our lessons,
In the echoing yards of ancient church.
We were brothers before the birth of enmity,
When Adam and Even retained their Eden.
I found my blood in his vein,
His voice wriggled in my throat,
Silence had swallow'd our piteous bullets.
My heart had risen to utter a blessing,
Whereto he would say 'amen'.


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