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In the Night

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

In the dark hour of the night
When the world sleeps sound and tight
I wake up from the dream of life
Near the moon waits my flight

In the stars then I begin to flow
I see the fire I see the snow
As we leave the earth alas
My flight patiently goes slow

I bid a good bye to the moon the stars
I go beyond earth I go beyond mars
I reach a land no one knows about
A land without boundaries and bars

All I see is a land of trees
Its winter may be so the lakes freeze
The sun isn’t seen its shy in the clouds
As I step on the land I feel the breeze

A breeze so pure a place so serene
Been ages I saw earth this clean..
I sit beside the frozen lake
I make my time forever seize.

I can't be there forever so I come each night
When the world sleeps sound and tight
I sit here alone on the lonely planet
The place of hope and divine light.


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