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India's Rare Feminist

by Pretty Maggam
(Pleasanton, USA)

Introduction: In countries like India, the word "Feminism" has taken a bad shape in the minds of society. The word itself causes a negative opinion. The article is a feature-based one, based on a true story attempting to indulge the innate meaning of the word "Feminism". A true feminist is a man who understands it.

The beautiful woman walked down to him expecting to have a friendly conversation. He likes her beauty and he could barely concentrate on her conversing topics. He directly said, “I don’t want to waste my time on the topics that I am not interested in”. While the woman twirled up her eyes with a question marked face, the man continued, “I don’t care what the government does, I don’t want to waste my time in knowing what kind of a dog you like, I just like your beauty”.

The charming eyes of the woman turned to become round and her lips dropped down to a surprise. Her soft frowns were visible, her silence was fierce. But the man continued, “I like your beauty, are you up for what I want?”. The girl so offended has felt all the shame.

Many words reeled in her mind. Many confused questions moved one after the other, and all together. “Do I look like a slut?, Am I wearing a wrong dress?, Did I give him a bad impression without my knowledge?, Was I born in a bad family? Are such questions so common when I need something? Are all guys the same?, Why is a woman looked so down in this society?”, the questions reeled and reeled, very very quick. She did not comprehend how to react or what to say. But her messed up mind was visible on her face. Maybe she just wondered if today was a bad day. Maybe she just wanted to run away from the environment and get locked up in her room.

The man so comprehensive awaited the silence for a while. He sighed, “Ok??”. The woman definitely did not want to continue this. She was dominantly offended. Understanding the young woman, the man started to speak and he continued. “Dear Lady!”, he said with a stern voice. He continued, “Look!, I am a human. Asking something I want is my right”. The woman did not move, her veins turned cold. She thought to herself, “Is it ok if I walk away right now?, Or should I just give him a slap and run away?”. Questions continued to reel in her mind. But owing to the man’s elite status in the society, her voice turned out to be speechless and her nerves tend to freeze.

“Look Lady!”, the words started again. “Asking something is my right, you can just say yes or no! you are a human too”. Now, there was a freeze of mind and her questions too. While her world of questions abruptly paused, the man continued, “Asking a question is my right, and I would equally respect a NO”. The subtle frowns of the woman were softened. The drum in her heart was made light. Her lips tried to murmur something. The man continued, “YES, you are a human too, and you have every right to say NO, and it shall be respected”.

Feminism is not girls speaking out loud, Feminism is when boys understand it. Like respected Ms Malala Yousafiz says, Feminism is a quality that is achieved by girls and boys together, participating equally to move forward as a better society and as a better country.
Feminism is not about looking at women like women, at first sight, it is about looking at women like humans.

While a part of the story above is imaginative, the incident is true on a higher level. The man in the story, a prominent movie director of India, Mr Ram Gopal Varma has himself shared the incident in a few of his interviews. He is famous, he is creative, he is artsy, he is topsy, he cares less for the world and too much in love with his own world. He lives the way he wants to, he carries his world wherever he wants to. He has got many things in life.

Oh well!! In a country with around 1,379,937,465 population and a woman being raped every 20 minutes (according to the National Crime Records Bureau - NCRB), Who cares how you treat your life? Who cares what you do to be happy? Who cares what movies you like to see and make? Who cares what you are? Who cares what you do? But all we care is a sense of respect for a “No”. If the world shouts at someone for looking down on women, if some of them think that someone is a bad influence for the society but, for some, he is a rare feminist. Yes!, Despite anything, the true feminist is the man who respects a “No”.

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Aug 27, 2020
So deliberate yet justifies feminism!
by: Your Name: Roja Dara

Well written Pretty! This is the current scenario of immature people. Feminism is always intersectional. More diversity more peace!

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