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Inner Silence

by Maria Isabel Cecilia Pascual

What do you do when your mind just want to sit still? Even uttering words an effort, just wanted to stare at the four corners of this room and listen yet not really listening to favorite piano pieces. It just passes through the inner part of my auditory canal and made no impact, nor impression at all. Why do I ask and question this? I should just let it go and let time pass by into space, after all it's a nice respite from all the chaos from the external world.

I am not dead tired, but only pausing after a hectic work schedule and listening to all the woes and complaints of my subordinates. Perhaps a little frustrated that I have no instant solution to their problems, these were caused by hard times and global economic crisis. The sad and ultimate decision came from the highest hierachy. It's final, no way or room for reversal.

So here I am, in a muted state. I have no impressive thoughts to share for there's nothing much I can say or do at this moment. Just trying to be in tune with my inner self and with the ways and laws of nature, going through a normal cycle of what we call human life. Life is precious and abounds with many possibilities and so I shall sit here and let the sun disappear behind those massive mounds of earth. Let darkness enwrap me as if in a deep and dreamless slumber... Let the night prevail and turn into a new day again. Then as it turns, I shall open my eyes and greet it with renewed and sublimed hope.


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Nov 22, 2011
very senti
by: khushboo

Surely the night will prevail and turn in to a new day...keep writing and reading too.

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