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Innocence Lost!!!!

by Dr. Gigi Vipin
(Chennai, India)

Vultures are everywhere.
You look here, you look there.
Their eyes on children fair and naive,
When opportunity strikes down they dive.

Grab the little ones and they soar,
Only to sell them door to door.
Innocence lost, hearts filled with fear.
Stony eyes that forgot to tear.

Children remain children no more,
When exposed to this grime and gore.
Grotesque and gnarly is this seedy world.
Into its fangs they find themselves hurled.

Love, trust and security remain,
Words from which they'll forever refrain.
The vultures made sure that they forget,
Everything theirs, except their breath.

No mercy bestowed, no graciousness.
All they are victim to, is amorousness.
The dread, the pain, the disgust gives way.
A piece of meat is how they'll stay.

In time, they morph themselves into,
The shapes their job demands to do.
No name, no identity, nothing they own.
Even their bodies are not their own.

To be used by another for his carnal desire.
Her life to her seems like a satire.
Nameless creatures shunned in daylight,
Are eagerly sought for lust every night.

No where to go, no one their own.
Rejected, dejected and so forlorn.
They make their home, this street lit in red.
Till the day they find themselves dead.


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