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Interview with Author Suryasri Saha

by Suryasri Saha
(Kolkata, India)

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Miss Suryasri Saha from Kolkata.I am presently in the final year of my engineering in IT from KIIT University,Bhubaneswar.I love to express myself by penning down my thoughts hence I love writing.I have recently self published my first book of poetry titled 'Penning Expressions' and am currently working on the second one.A number of my poems have been published in various online and offline journals and magazines.

2) What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

Whenever I write,I feel free.Writing best expresses all my thoughts and emotions.Every time I write I feel happy and complete.All these reasons motivates me to keep writing more and more.

3) Which has been your most challenging project?

When i began writing,I had no idea that I would be able to self publish my own book one day.I think believing in myself and taking the big step and publishing my very first book was a major challenge for me.I am glad I took it and it has surely paid back.

4) What are the upsides and downsides of being an author?

The upside of anything is the amount of happiness and satisfaction we receive every time we do it.Writing provides a lot of freedom of expressing our selves in our own chosen form either poetry,stories etc.It is a very different type of feeling but every coin has two sides.The job of writing is very uncertain.One book may do good and the next may be terribly bad.So a lot of factors depends upon the readers.Uncertainty of the work being liked is what i feel the biggest downside for authors.

5) How do you deal with writer's block?

Writer's block is very common thing among writers.I take it as a very normal thing.I try not to fret about it.Whenever I feel I am in that mode where I am running out of topics or emotions,I try to take a break from writing.I give myself some time,gather some experience and again get back to writing with an improved zeal.

What genre are your books and what draws you this genre?

My genre is mainly poetry.Poetry,I believe is one of the most beautiful form of writing.It allows us to say so much in so little number of words.Poetry may be short or very very long but it expresses all our intricate emotions so simply.Also poetry allows us a lot of freedom.

7) Do you write everyday,5 days a week or once a week?

I love writing and I try to write something every day.Even if am unable to write every day,I make sure I write every once or twice a week if am busy with college and exams.

8) Where do your ideas come from?

I take ideas from daily life experiences.I also take a lot of ideas from nature.Nature always enthralls me in various ways.Apart from it ,I mostly write about my emotions or experiences or things which I see and feel.

9) Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Sure.I am presently working on my second book of poetry titled 'Prism of Thoughts'.It can be called as the part 2 of my first book of poetry titled 'Penning Expressions' as it also like the first book is a collection of all my thoughts and emotions expressed in the form of 50 poems.Most of my poems have a positive note to it as i am a very optimistic person and wish to spread that positivity through my writing as well.So many of my poems have a positive note to it.

10) Do you view writing as a spiritual practice?

Do this questions I have to say a Yes.Even my pen name is Nirvana which means a state called 'Moksh',which is a state of peace and happiness.It is a state where all sufferings and pains end and all that prevails is tranquility and joy.Writing take me to that state.Every time I write ,I feel free.To me it is almost like attaining that state.So in one way I can say that yes ,writing for me is a kind of spiritual practice.

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