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Is It Fair and Two Other Poems

by Drishti Chauhan
(Faridabad, India)

1. Is It Fair?

Tell me now, how is it fair?
We live not for us but the gasp of air.
No time to gaze the moon and the stars,
Never paid heed to our inner scars.

Racing for falling apart,
No time to learn what's in our heart.
Running around dollars that's just a number,
No time left for slumber.

All we own is spurred mind and eyes,
Along with sleepy laughter and over caffeinated nights.
Fireworks exploding in brain,
"You're not a child anymore to get wet and dance in rain."

Ignoring the serenity of nature's bounties, I guess so,
Fuel your bright and golden glow.
Tragedy it's all about,
Our lungs are full let's breathe it all out.


2. Her Pretty Wings or a Sin?

She's the one who always wanted to fly high with her wings,
Which she weaved on her own strings by strings.

But they bashed and thrashed making her numb,
Leaving her ponder is she living in a swanky suburb or a slum.

She laid there stupefied and still,
For them it was just a drill.

Her respect, her prestige, her strength, they took it all,
It's not her attire thanks to their alcohol.

Her eyes were red, body was shivering and wet,
But they never had the feeling of regret.

Those hands hit her body, her face,
All she felt is pain's embrace.

She groaned and howled but they never acceded
Even when she pleaded.

Then they blamed her for showing off her pretty wings,
What once gave her confidence apparently becomes her sin.


3. When did I Grow?

Going back to the time when we had a doll and a toy train
From climbing up on dad's shoulder to jumping in puddles in rain.
When there was kindness in heart and innocence in smiles
Playing and running around woods was better than driving miles.
No sense, no clue of this wicked world
All we knew was swinging on rides with our hair curled.
When broken toy was better than broken heart
No endings there was always a restart.
When lost pencil was better than lost friend
Shady bower was the place where all our time was spent.
From crying in mother's lap
To dancing on laughter and clap.
When we were so meek and mild
Feeling the magic of kiss when we smiled.
A child that laughed and played
A soul that was beautifully made.
A child that we sorely miss
That lived in a world that seems to be full of bliss.
Bidding that child downhearted adieu
I didn't even realize when did I grow ?


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Sep 21, 2022
by: Your Name:Cover miles with smile

Well I generally don't give time to read poems as I am not a fond of reading them but your language is so simple and easy to understand yet the meaning behind them is too deep .
I really love them .
I hope u grow and glow day by day ...
Peace :)

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