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It Hurts!!

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

It Hurts when people take you for granted
For no reason you feel unwanted
It hurts when you are suddenly thrown
To be alone and on your own
It hurts when people say with a smile
You are born brave not fragile

Teachings say remain strong
I often find them all wrong
Strength is a curse when you are week
a hug is then all you seek
those you want leave the stage
assuming you can manage.

It hurts when you have no one to tell
Your courage couldn't save when you fell
It hurts to get up without a hand
to wash your bruises and to stand
It hurts then to look up to sky
to thank and still ask why

Why do you always do that God
Am I not your child aren't you my Lord
God answers then with a beaming light
Being alone is strength's plight

It hurts to accept but yes I am strong
I need no one to come along
It's my war and I shall fight it on my ground
need no hands no hugs need no one around.


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