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It Is Only You

by Rima Sahamandal
(Kolkata,West Bengal,India)

I took a pen and started to think,
What words will fill this white paper with ink.
The thoughts which has madden my mind,
How to give them words I can't find!
I am not like those skilled poets,
Who can find precious pearl in hidden locket,
But my thoughts which's making me sleepless,
And asking myself,what made me such reckless?
I closed my eyes and started to think,
And in dark an image suddenly blinked,
In thousand times before also it has been appeared,
What was that image,so rare,so familiar?
What was that image,what was that hue?
It was nothing but the image of you.
The moments we spent in countless pleasure,
It's stored in my mind as a hidden treasure.,
Vanish and appear at the time of my leisure,
The worth of which i can't measure.
The impact which your words have made,
That made my all pains fade,
But not a single word can be said,
Just it let the tears to shed.
Your words made my pains to surrender,
And made the heart tender,
Which makes me to wonder,
How tears can come out by pleasure?
I was a fool and was a failure,
Sailing like a ship without a sailor,
But you hold me tight and brought me to the shore,
And took me in arms,before I touch the floor.
The way in which you made my dark to shine,
And returned me that life which i had resigned,
I can't sum it up in two or three lines,
Just can say,
Always only you will remain my Valentine..


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Jun 06, 2017
honest confession
by: Arjoyita Roy

the world needs people like you

Apr 20, 2017
Kobitar Jonyo
by: Sourav Kanti Ghosh

Kolom ta jano kono din na theme jai.....

Mar 05, 2017
by: Deepanjan Neogi

Rima, it is really amazing. Keep it up.

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