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It's My Time to Shine

by Swati Sanguri
(Ghaziabad, India)

Thank you for letting me shine,
Was i not a coal before i met you
you let me be a diamond
how good to wake up in the morning
to say hello to you
my sun shines brighter when it hears your voice
your smile brightens my doorway
your heart melts mine

you give me the confidence to fly
knowing if i fall
two arms would be here to catch
two arms and a heart
and a soul which forever is mine
so strong is the root of our love
forever thine..

Thank you for letting me shine
I was not in the shadows ever
not that you brought me here
but when i had doubts
you had this trust
you made me believe
that I could fly
you gave me wings
i made them strong

we chose the life
when i could see death
Thank you for letting me live
I inhale your name with my every breath

you shone your light
it sparkled my heart
you sent me this love
i spread it over the world
If i thought i was sick
you were the medication
you gave me the cure
i made it into a potion

Thank you for letting me shine
I never knew how a mirror looked
You gave me the colors
i picked up the brush
you gave me the moments
i drew them with lush

Black turned into grey.. and grey into red
your love blossomed the flowers
which i never knew were here
don't block the sunshine
let it go through
It lightens my insides
It lets me shine through

I always had the wings
you gave me the strength
I always had this light
you helped it shine through
Thank you for letting me shine
you are here to be mine
i am brushing the shades aside away
to let the world know..
it is my time to shine..


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