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It's Time to Go!

by Sowmya Dhanwada
(Boulder, USA)

I prefer the word enigma
but that’s not what people use,
they prefer the words defect or problem
when they describe me and my blues.

It’s true they can't figure me out
But it's nothing to be boastful about,
It’s my life on the line,
Don't you know it? I am not fine.

I’ve sat here for hours on end
packed all my bags,
been living here for some time
And no!I am not fine!!

I know I am one of a thousand
as expressed before,
I know my case-sheet is one from the pile,
But no! I am not just a file.

I’ve seen many doctors so far
your species are so weird,
each of you thinks he knows the best,
you’d think I’d be answered.

But I’ve waited and waited
in numerous infinite queues,
I’ve got several different answers
A just reward I think, Don't you?

We tested out every theory
and took second opinions,
But meanwhile, this recurring problem
has developed new symptoms.

My family accompanies me
for each round of tests
I pay my money and blood,
But now, it’s not just me, even my pocket’s not feeling good.

The drugs he gave
are for my own good.
Then why do they make me vomit,
drowsy, unable to eat food?

Hospitals are now tough for me
my body just won’t agree
The nauseating smells, Oh! And the food
I’ll just stay at home, that’s good.

So here I lay,
just the same as before.
I know I should panic
but I feel Him, from above.

He tells me it’s OK
That everything will be fine.
He tells me to let go
That it’s my time.


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