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IWW eJournal October 2014

 iww eJournal 2014- Issue No.34, October 2014

Welcome to the IWW eJournal October 2014 issue.  Welcome the new writers -  Enakshi Johri, Anita Bhattacharjee, Abinaya Natesan, Manasa A and Manal  Pednekar who have joined IWW team, with their contributions.  Wish you all a Happy Navaratri festival.

This issue comes to you with an important message. We regret to inform you that the IWW eJournal will be discontinued temporarily after this issue, and there will be no issue from next month onwards, until further notice. However, the monthly iww newsletter will be continued as usual. You can also submit your work as usual. The accepted work will be published within 10 days, and they will be included in the IWW newsletter so that the subscribers will get to know the newly published work. If you have any comments/questions please contact us. 

Contents of this issue

Short Stories


The Petroleum Fire

The Proposal

A Lost Dream


Sunset Red


Falling Apart


That Day..!


As You Say

Law of the Unintended Consequences

Turning Point

Three Little Angels