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Jagaluru Retained Original Name Jagadeeshpur

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

Jagaluru, a remote tiny village, was infamous due to the quarrelsome nature of few young guys. The population of the village was about one thousand. Most of them were illiterates. The people were engaged in various activities like sale of vegetables, fruits, flowers, mud pots and bamboo basket etc. These petty traders were travelling daily to the nearest big towns for sale of their items.

There was only one auto owned by a young man Chetan. He was accommodating 4 to 6 persons in his auto for a distance of 8 kilometers to reach bus stand or railway station. He used to make 4 to 5 trips daily. In case of breakdown or shortage of gas, he had an alternative arrangement. Chetan was a school dropout and exceptional person in the village. The trouble creating guys always fought with the public without any reason. Their target was on Chetan, tea shop, grocery shop, school teachers and general public. Whatever they say, it was final. If anybody disagreed with them, definitely there was a fight. Due to these guys the village name was changed as Jagaluru, which means in Kannada, the quarrelsome village. Chetan with the support of villagers and his sincere efforts brought back the good image of the villagers.

On one day, in the morning 8'O clock, Chetan was ready to start the auto, suddenly the trouble creating guys arrived and occupied the auto without leaving space for the ladies and children, who were already waiting.

"The trouble is that they're so quarrelsome and never understand the situation. These are the guys, who have already
spoiled their character and the image of our village," said Chetan to ladies and children waiting for his auto.

"Chetan, I strongly protest the misbehaviour of these young guys. I condemn their tendency of quarrel with others. In fact, we have come before these guys. They forcibly occupied the seats. They think 'might is the right'. These guys don't have the respect for ladies and children," said Suma.

"I will not allow the auto move from here. We all stand before the auto," said Nirmala.

"Chetan uncle, please tell them to get down, otherwise I will shout against them," said little girl Anita.

On hearing the conversation between Chetan, Suma, Nirmala and kids, Rakesh, one of the guys in the auto started shouting at the top of his voice from his seat.

"Chetan, you are insulting us. Do you know I am the son of a Chairman, village Grama Panchayat? Suma and Nirmala are ordinary ladies exceeding their limits. If I wish, I can seize your auto and teach a lesson to you and the ladies," said Rakesh.

When the situation reached climax, the ladies took bold step to remove the guys from the auto. Ladies were carrying sticks with them. Realising the danger, the guys got down from the auto. It was an insult to them. These irresponsible guys created havoc in the village. Chetan, who was a good person took a lead and was successful to change the hearts of the guys. He converted impossible to possible. The elderly persons of the village appreciated Chetan.

Jagaluru retained the original name of the village Jagadishpur.

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Oct 27, 2017
Message of the Story
by: Vaman Acharya

The comments made by Shri Harisarvottam is correct to the limited extent of taking bold steps by the women. But the broad message I wanted to convey that every problem, irrespective of its magnitude, there is a solution. The young man Chetan has proved this. He took initiative to change the image of the village from bad to good. It was not a easy task for the young man. Initially, he faced lot of problems. The elders of the village came to his rescue. Ultimately, he was able to achieve success.

Oct 26, 2017
by: Vaman Acharya

Thank you Harisarvottam

Oct 26, 2017
Wowomen upsurge.
by: Harisarvotham

It is a story of underprivileged fighting for their rights and get united to overcome harassment by few showing upper hand just because they hold an advantageous position.

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