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Jasika and Her Dishes

by Pravia K Nagaraj

A wife by name Jasika, fair in color, purely vegetarian always belonged to a group of a frustrated or sad wife's group.

This sadness or frustration of hers was not because of her husband doing any physical harassment; it was all because of his food habits.

Jasika's husband, Naveen is an IT professional, who had a habit of having food in the city's best restaurant. It's a friend's birthday, and our hero is in the restaurant. If it's office party, he is in restaurant. If It's his daughter's, wife's or his birthday, what not for all reasons He is found in the restaurant.
Now it's so obvious the restaurant's bearers were all aware of him.

All these having food in a restaurant wouldn't have bothered Jasika. But Naveen had a typical habit, once he go to the restaurant and have the food. He comes back home and always tells to his wife-"You know, Today I had Baby corn Manchurian and you know how tasty it was. I really wonder how that hotel's food is so tasty. And when you prepare the same, it does not taste the same. I seriously wish the hotel's cook was a lady and was my wife."

These words would obviously hurt our poor Jasika.
She always made her serious attempts to make the best food for her husband. Off late she even started to watch Master Chef program and learnt how to decorate her plate, To give her husband a restaurant food's look and feel.

However, her husband was not satisfied with whatever her efforts were.

One day pissed of Naveen's taunts, Jasika asked her husband to take her to the hotel where he had those dishes.

Naveen was happy thinking -"May be, this will help her cook the same taste foods."

So Now Jasika and Naveen are in the restaurant. Jasika asks Naveen to order all those dishes that he liked.
As per his wife's wish Naveen ordered all those dishes that he liked in the restaurant.

were quite a few dishes. The duo had the dishes. Jasika was stunned with the food's taste. It was really tasting better.

Now Jasika, thinks off dropping her ego. She calls for the bearer and thanked him for the best food. Always requested him If she could see how they cooked the dishes, because the dishes tasted better than her food.
The bearer took them to the cook in the kitchen. He introduces them to him and shows them the recipes.

Both husband and wife eagerly waited to see how he cooked.

The cook started off with his cooking, Jasika finds all the ingredients to be the same as her's. She now wonders how did it still taste different. However, Instead of asking too many questions she simply stood and watched how the man cooked.

While watching the procedure, Her husband again passes a comment-"See how well he cooks, just like a lady."
Jasika just avoided him and eagerly watched the show.
And now out of nowhere the cook takes a bottle pours the liquid from it to the dish and stirs the dish well and tells, yes now the dish is complete.

Now Jasika was confused and asked the cook,-"what was the liquid that you poured at last? That was the only ingredient that my dish missed? Please tell me"
The cook happily nods his head and says-"That's boiled pork's broth"

This is the water usually the cook collected while cooking the Pork dishes. Once the pork was boiled, he collected the broth from it and used the same for other dishes.

This was a great astonishment for the family. The family that was purely vegetarians, are no more a vegetarian now. Jasika stared at her husband and her husband unable to hide his face, just turned around and tells lets go home.

Hmm, what else to say. Never again Naveen went to restaurants making reasons, and also never commented on his wife for a better tasty food.
Jasika now remains a happy wife..........


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