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Johnny The Tiger

by Sharmila Roy Ghosal
(Dehradun, India)

It was Timmy the bear’s birthday, but since his mother was unwell, his father had said there would not be any birthday party.

It was an evening when Runi the butterfly came and informed Timmy that his Aunt Jane wanted some carrots from the garden to cook dinner.

Timmy’s father, who was very fond of his sister, gave him some carrots to take for his aunt.

As Timmy neared Aunt Jane’s house in the middle of the forest, he saw all his friends had gathered together. Happy birthday, Timmy! They shouted in unison. Timmy clapped his hands with joy.

Aunt Jane had baked a big chocolate cake which Timmy cut and shared with his friends. There were sandwiches, tarts and chips.

Timmy loved his aunt, but he could see that she was worried. It was Sammy the monkey who was destroying the fruits in Aunt Jane’s garden.

Timmy hit upon an idea and Johnny, Tony the elephant's dog, decided to help. Timmy with the help of his friends brought paint and painted Johnny in tiger stripes.

Sammy who came to Aunt Jane’s garden in the evening saw Johnny and thought him to be a tiger.

Eva deer who was good at mimicry, imitated the tiger’s growl. Sammy fell from the wall in shock, fearing for his life, he fled never to return to the garden again.

All was well again in the forest.


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