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by Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
(Kolkata, India)

The rain was pouring itself down.
Raindrops lashed her soft cheeks
Still she was walking down the lane
Alone, unperturbed .
She was contemplating of the past
Of things happened years ago…
No look back in anger
No repent or nothing to mourn.

The journey she should take alone
The rain was rejuvenating her
She was drenched
But she did not care
One day she should reach there
Where happiness persists
Enduring the emotional unrest
Of tears and the tempest.

One day the rain will cease
Clear blue sky and gentle breeze
Golden sunshine would be there
No dark clouds nothing to fear
As fresh as a new green leaf
No confinement to mortal grief
Peace will come and give her a kiss
All must be endured for that celestial bliss.


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