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Karma Returns

by Poojary Sushmita Shiva
(Udupi, India)

Human beings the so called ruler of the entire universe, who just ruled the entire world as he owned it. Without any legal authority or legal command man made his own regime. Number of animals were killed, nature was destroyed. Man could not hear their cries. Nature remained silent. But now they could not resist. Yes, Karma returned. As we all know its Corona time now. This is nothing when compared to the deliberate harm made by man to the nature and poor animals.

Everyone says change is good and the change that Corona virus brought into human’s life is also good. To the negative side of it yes we lost many lives all over the world and still many more fighting for their lives. Let's all pray for them. That’s the only thing we could do for them. Coming to the positive side, people are made to work from home by most of the companies. This just united many of the families. People who were just busy in their office life could spare their time with their family inside the house. The man with lots of ego and attitude problem has surrendered himself as he is nothing against the virus. He has got to know the value of life is so important even for animals.

And finally lets all stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. Just think of Doctors, Police, Medical staffs, Military squads, Bankers and other Government officials who cannot stay back at home. They stay at work for us, lets stay at home for them.

Let's all promise to save our beautiful nature henceforth.

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