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Kindness of Little Girl Krittika

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

Three years back Prashant Layout was formed on the outskirts of Pavanpur city. Last year, few allottees of sites commenced construction of the buildings and completed last month. They moved to the newly built houses in the absence of basic facilities like water, electricity, drainage and road. Those who have just commenced the construction work, the building materials were dumped on their open sites. The source of getting water was a lone bore well in the layout. Forming queue to get the water was a daily routine for the residents. In the night, the residents were using lanterns and candles. There was a mud road to connect the city.

On one Sunday at about 8 A.M., a little girl Kruttika was eating banana. She had thrown the discarded skin on the road, instead of dumping it in the dustbin. She did not realize the repercussion like slipping. At the same time, an eight year old boy Pavan was running on the road.

He accidentally walked on the banana skin, slipped on it and fell on the building materials consisting of stones, steel and sand. Luckily, he had got only minor injuries on legs and hands. Pavan was very much scared and sat there weeping due to intolerable pain. Kruttika was watching this at a short distance. She immediately rushed to him and brought him to the safer place.
She enquired about his condition and asked, “Pavan, please excuse me. I am responsible for your pitiable condition.”

She was virtually shivering. Without wasting time, she went inside her house and brought first aid medical kit, warm water and washing soap. She had gained knowledge of first aid. Before touching the wounded portion, she washed her hands well. Then, she took out hand gloves for her to avoid touching directly the wounded portions as the wound was dirty. She cleaned the wounds with cotton and water. She applied antiseptic, on the wound. Sterile dressing was also over the wounded portions. It took just five minutes to complete the treatment. She removed the hand gloves and washed her hands with the soap. She immediately went to a doctor’s residence, which was just a kilometer away. She requested the doctor to visit the place, where Pavan was suffering. After listening to her patiently, he said, “I am busy. I have to attend to a serious patient. Please bring him to my clinic.”

He went inside without waiting for a reply from the girl. She followed him inside.
“Doctor, Pavan is also serious and he is not in a position to come to your clinic. I once again request you to come along with me. He is just one kilometer away from your house. Please spare five minutes.”

She told this with folded hands. He was surprised to see the little girl with folded hands and changed his mind.
“Okay! I will visit to your place right now.”
He was about to leave, then he received a call received from the clinic. It was an urgent call. He told them to wait for ten minutes. He asked Krittika to show the place. They went to the place by walk. Krittika was happy and took the medical kit. They reached the spot within three minutes. Pavan was continuously weeping. Doctor examined him and prescribed capsule and ointment for external application. He praised Krittika for immediate treatment with first aid. He said, “Well done Krittika.”

Krittika went along with the Doctor up to his residence.

She asked, “Doctor, how much do I have to pay towards the fees?”
“Don’t worry; I will collect it from your dad.”
In the meantime, Pavan’s mother instead of seeing her son and consoling him, straight away rushed to Krittika’s mother and knocked at the door. Krittikka’s mother came out.
“What is this Maya? Due to your daughter’s irresponsible behavior, my son met with an accident. God is great. It is only minor injury.”
“Anuradha, I am sorry, just now I came to know that your son Pavan was injured. Please do not be excited. Children do commit mistakes.”
“Injuring others, do you think a small mistake? I don’t want to hear your advice. Call your daughter and punish her in front of me. Or else, I will report the matter to police.”

These ladies were arguing each other. During this argument, Anuradha forgot to see his injured son.
Pavan arrived and said, “Mom, I am fine now. No action is necessary against Krittika. She is a nice girl. It is my mistake. I had not seen banana skin lying on the road. I was careless. Immediately, she gave me first aid treatment. She called the doctor just few minutes back. Even she brought the capsule and ointment from the medical shop.”
After hearing this from her son, Anuradha became ashamed and apologized to Mala.
Mala said, “Anuradha, it is not your mistake. If I were in your place, I would have behaved like you.”

Krittika came with the medicines. She brought a glass of water and told Pavan to take one dose of capsule right now. He took it as per the instructions. Krittika applied ointment on the injured parts.

Mala asked her daughter, “How did you get the medicines? You don’t have money to pay the bill.”
“Mom, I know medical shop uncle. I requested him to give medicines and promised him to pay the bill after words. He believed me.”

Anuradha praised little girl Krittika for her excellent job.


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