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Lazy Bug Ashley

by Pravia K Nagaraj

Every day huffs and puffs to complete the work on time. Every day deadlines taken note. Then work to meet the two ends of time, was the life of lady bug Nicki.

Nicki also had a colleague or friend Britney, who was very bold and intelligent lady who worked very hard. Nicki and Britney worked very hard and completed all tasks on time. Meanwhile, their leader Ashley found ways to rest all the time.

Ashley always had in her mind that she was a leader and was not supposed to work. Ashley's this weird behaviour always made people annoyed.

But however, Ashley took that as an asset never took a step to change herself.

Once bug Nicki went on a leave and Britney bug had to work day and night to complete all the work on both Nicki and Britney. Meanwhile, Ashley only fooled around telling she had to work hard because of Nicki bug. But in reality, she never worked.

Next day when Nicki Bug came back after her leave and noticed Britney had worked a lot while Ashley had fooled around. Nicki bug rose in anger. But she controlled her anger to not hurt her leader.

After a few days, Britney confessed to Nicki that She was really hurt by the behaviour of their leader. Hearing these words, Nicki also felt, yes what Britney had confessed is true and need to make some ways to solve this weird situation.

Nicki bug waited for an appropriate
time to discuss the seriousness of the situation. But Ashley always tried to shoo away the topic. This made Nicki a bit anger.

One day Nicki called her leader politely and tried to make her understand what she does is not right, and is supposed to help her teammates whenever there is a need. But Ashley rose in anger, and told Nicki not to interfere in her matters and is not supposed to teach her what she was supposed to do.

Nicki was not surprised by this behaviour of her leader but felt very bad about the situation of her friend Britney.

Nicki as a last step went and spoke to the higher management to help them as the situation was worsening. Britney as well spoke to a few best leads. After a few days, Ashley was called for a discussion by the management.
As an improvement, Nicki and Britney saw Ashley started to work hard. But however, that was not expected to go long. Ashley was actually trying to fool people by taking Nicki and Britney's task into her basket and confused the management by telling them that she was actually working on those, but the truth came forward when Britney and Nicki both went on leave on the same day.

This helped management to understand the reality and take appropriate decision. As a decision, Ashley had to return home without a job.

Ashley learned her lesson forever.

Moral: Luck does not favour wrong ones always


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