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Let Me Be Me

by Manali Kadulkar
(Mumbai, India)

I was dictated to be another person
Each day, each time.
Accused, by my flaws
I was puckered up.
Distancing from my own soul,
Leaving behind my peculiarities,
I was announced to be, someone not me.
All I could do is yell and shout
Although, in my lower voice!
As my voice only meant to be ceased and not raised
Staying within the bars was only I advised for
Sweeping away my joy was only I encountered to
For they wanted me, not be so free,
I was said to be loved, I repeat, I was just said.
Even if they did.
I was worried if it was to my body or soul,
My clothes decided, if I was to be touched or not.
My heart ached, crying for the mess,
I was left, plucking safe people to trust
Or else it would have been my mistake
If any card would have been rolled back, destroying me!
All my life, I beared!
But no!
Today is no same day
I've shone up to be, not someone old me,
I've survived, with all the curses
Proving you wrong, I paid a part of my life
With absolutely no grudges
I always wanted to be, someone like me!


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Feb 18, 2020
by: Shubham Dhebe

You're a star manali, love your work. please also teach me senpai.❤️

Jul 13, 2019
by: Sai Charan

I understand the kind of oppressive feeling you've gone through. A feeling of helplessness. I am happy you the courage to break the chains that are holding you back.

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