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Let the warrior rise

by Kavya S Babu

Still he peeps from inside
through the rags that torn out,
while abiding to survive
but worn as an attire
of great dignity, which
satirizes one’s own self.

He is fearful of coming to light,
the heat outside might burn him head to toe
but to inspire the despairing millions,
to purify for virtuous cleanliness,
to warm up cold dead minds, thus to mould a ‘human’
the world needs you, who reside and flourish
in the very depth of every human.

Why is he still afraid?
His deeds might go wrong? No,
for nature is waiting
with words and virtues,
to inspire and guide,
with profound energy,
to share and multiply.

The nature is all set.
The sharp headed arrows, with them
the Sun will inject in,
the power to enlighten
millions of worn out lives,
fought and fallen spirits.
Spread open your hands
let the beam trigger your dreams.

The dripping rain will teach
the spell to soothe minds
along with drums and lights
showers its profound energy.
Join the mystic band
Imbibe in, the blessings.

Up there, the elegant rainbow
despite being alone, is charming!
Joy resides in solitude too!
The flowing river will teach you
how to tide over ups and downs
to carry along sediments
of worn and lost encounters,
to leave holiness along your path
and reach the tides of your destiny.

The grass and the green groves
unveils and reveals
the colours of joy,
the fruits of success,
are not restricted to the tall and tough.

Nature is full of power,
the power to transform
cold senses into warm thoughts
warm thoughts into bold actions.
He is in need, indeed
he is the only one capable
to move ahead and succeed, so
let the warrior rise!


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